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Dutchie Unbleached Organic Hemp King Size Rolling Papers

Founded in 1967. Some of the finest rolling papers available to man. Dutchie use only the finest organically certified hemp and wood pulp to produce their Organic Hemp and Unbleached Wood rolling papers.

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Dutchie Unbleached Organic Hemp King Size Rolling Papers

Made from 100% Organic Hemp these King Skins are perfect for rolling a more substantial single or using as building blocks for a more satisfying or interesting smoke. With our unique, patent pending, watermark these premium rolling papers have been designed to ensure a smoother, slower, burn. Maximizing flavour and minimising runs, a more even burn is guaranteed.

Every pack contains a protective starter paper ensures your first rolling paper is as pristine as your last aswell as a running out slip 10 papers from the end, ensuring you don’t run out of the world’s finest rolling papers. Don’t forget “Pass the Dutchie” ...but only on the left hand side yeah?

The team over at Dutchie are excited to release their papers to the market and with positive feedback already from samples shared at Spannabis in Barcelona and more recently at Product Earth Expo in the UK the wait is finally over and now everyone can enjoy natural, organic, unbleached hemp rolling papers.

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  • Clear Size Indication on all Papers
  • Premium Slow Burning Papers Used
  • No Aminal Products used in Manufacturing
  • No Gluten used in Arabic Gum
  • Only the Finest Arabic Gum Used
  • Certified 100% Organic Hemp by TUV in Germany
  • Unique Watermark Pattern Ensuring Slow and Even Burn
Paper Thickness: Ultra Thin
Paper Type: Unbleached
Type: King Size Skins
Brand: Dutchie
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