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Dexso Oil Extractor and D.M.E Briefcase Kit

This mega kit is essential for anyone looking to extract anything using a BHO method. With a handy briefcase too you'll be set for life, and trust us when we say that Dexso products are well worth the dollar.

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Dexso Oil Extractor and D.M.E Briefcase Kit

The complete set for any extractor. You'll go from zero to hero after getting this piece of kit. Everything you need for extracting to get the finest oils, packed securely into a full metal lockable briefcase that makes you look like a government agent. The tube supplied can fit up to 50grams of dry herb and with two cans of D.M.E you'll not run out anytime soon (You only need a third of D.M.E compared to regular Butane Gas) to top it all off there's two silicone stash pots to fill with your booty.

This perfectly crafted oil extractor of 'Dexso' transforms dried plants and herbs in less than five minutes in essential, finest oil. High-quality, anodized aluminium ensures maximum resistance to temperature, chemicals and aging. With a coating of anodized A1203 crystal, this extractor combines the advantages of a metallic extractor with the purity of an extractor made of glass, by the lightness of aluminum.

An integrated exhaust unit makes it possible to empty the extractor post extraction, quick and easy to start the next extraction: the 'Dexso' extractor offers highest efficiency. The usability is also evident by the three magnetically attached feet which guarantee stability - thus both hands free!

This organic dimethyl ether (DME) gas is ideally suited for the extraction of finest natural oils. The benefit starts with the extraction process: DME is less explosive and therefore safer than butane. Moreover, it is not toxic, so it is also used in the food industry and in the medical technology for extraction.

A purity of 99.9 % is guaranteed. In addition, this Organic Solvent allows quick extraction process and is extremely efficient: Compared to butane gas it requires only about one third of the amount for an extraction.


  • 1 x Dexso Briefcase with Keys
  • 2 x Cans of Dexso D.M.E 500ml
  • 1 x Dexso Extraction Tube
  • 2 x Dexso Silicone Containers
  • 1 x Dexso Silicon Pad
  • 1 x Dexso PTFE Paper

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Material: Metal
Type: Extraction Tubes
Brand: Dexso
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