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Cookies Red LED Glow Tray

Shout out to Glow Tray & Cookies, this is our favourite roll tray we've seen so far.

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Cookies Red LED Glow Tray

We thought we'd seen it all...

Using the most innovating and up to date technology, Glow Tray teamed up with Cookies in a collaboration to make the world's most prestigeous rolling tray.

The Cookies Red LED Glow Tray has 6 different redish colour LED settings, and it's exceptionally bright too, no corners have been cut here.

Lighting up for 6 hours and charging with a USB cable means you don't need to keep a supply of dreaded batteries. Simply charge the Glow Tray with the included USB cable, it only takes a short time to charge.

An 'Auto Party Mode' is integrated into this astonishing piece of stoner tech, which is essentially a loop of all 6 different colours which is easily started with a long press of the power button. If you'd like to cycle through the colours one by one, simply turn the device on with a double press, then every single press thereafter will change the colours one by one.

The battery life is indicated just next to the power button, when the lightning logo starts getting dim, it's time to charge!

After seeing the dazzling display of lights and colours it's actually quite easy to forget that this is a tray you use for rolling; as far as it's use for rolling this tray is perfect. All of the concave interior edges and sides are all rounded so all of your essential joint rolling bits are easy to pick up and grab and even though this rolling tray is carring quite a bit of electronic tech and LED's it's still lightweight and as durable as a metal rolling tray in our opinion.

Comes in it's own Sealed Box.

Shout out to Glow Tray & Cookies, this is our favourite roll tray we've seen so far.

Dimensions and Features:-

  • Width: 280mm
  • Length: 210mm
  • Height: 30mm
  • 6 x Colour LED
  • 6 Hour Battery Life
  • Quick USB-C Charging Cable Included
  • Concave Interior Edges & Sides
  • Rounded External Corners
  • Auto Party Mode
  • LED Battery Display


Material: Plastic
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