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Chongz Green Nasty Triple Percolator Bong

Incredible bang for buck, this bong will take you all the way.

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Chongz Green Nasty Triple Perc Bong

We love this bong, it's got all of the typical features of a huge man-slaying bong except it's such a great size at just 350mm tall; perfectly convenient and perfectly neccesary! To start with you'll be lighting your dry 'erbs on the ash catcher, the smoke will travel down and be filtered by the 10.5cm long 3-slit diffusor drop-pipe into your water. From the bubbles the smoke arises through THREE 4-arm-3slit perculators and THEN (as if this wasn't enough filtration already) through your ice trap, which cools the smoke to sub-zero temperatures, straight into your lungs, oh the filtration; so epic. This bong has everything you need whether you're a novice or an expert, amazing value as well considering all the features this beast has.

Don't worry about the cleaning stage, we've got your covered with grunge-off, no scrubbing, shaking or abrasive surfaces needed; we really recommend this stuff, it's seriously the best at what it does, check it out.


  • Height: 350mm
  • Base Width: 95mm
  • Chamber Width: 38mm
  • Mouth Hole Width: 30mm
  • Gauge: 14.5mm Female
  • Gauze: Gauze not really essential if using the ashcather (included) although if you wanted to be really picky a 5mm (Extra small) Sea Mine Glass Gauze would work well.


Brand: Chongz Bongs
Style: Percolator Bongs
Material: Glass
Gauge (mm): 18.8mm
Height (mm): 201 to 400mm
Colours: Green
Size : Medium
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