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Chongz Chainsaw Double Honey Comb Bong

The hits off this thing will saw your brain into six.

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Chongz Chainsaw Double Honey Comb Bong

Chongz are always bringing out pristinely designed bongs, the Chainsaw Double Honey Comb is no exception to that. She features not one, but two honey comb perculators in a really satisfying green tint to filter your big-ass hits, THEN, the smoke will filter through the ice cubes that fit comfortably in the ice trap; sub-zero triple filtered hits are a favourite amongst us bong enthusiasts! The stem bends around into the bottom of the bong in a dimension-defying manner and included is a male glass bowl with a lift handle, very ideal for those that are sick of dropping their ash after a nice hit or burning their fingers from the lingering heat on the bowl. The green tint massively adds to the eye-candy of this bong, it just looks so right. This little beast is ready to go as soon as you take her out of the box, no extra parts needed; awesome if we may say so ourselves.


  • Height:  300mm
  • Base Width: 85mm
  • Chamber and Neck Width: 30mm
  • Gauge: 14.5mm Female
  • Gauze: For steel we would recommend the 10mm. For glass a 5mm (Extra small) Sea Mine Gauze is a perfect fit.
Size : Small
Gauge (mm): 14.5mm
Material: Glass
Style: Percolator Bongs
Colours: Green
Brand: Chongz Bongs
Height (mm): 201 to 400mm
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