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Blaze 'Vlad the Inhaler' Glass Percolator Bong

Named after Lord Dracula himelf, as we all know his blazed the fire for a lifetime. Some even say the smell of dank still creeps around his castle to this day...

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Blaze 'Vlad the Inhaler' Glass Percolator Bong

Blaze Glass have created a true monster!

Vlad the Inhaler is unlike any bong we have ever seen here at Ali Bongo. It will not fail to twist, warp and devour your reality as you know it, before delivery some seriously hard hitting yet smooth and flavourful hits, enough to slay an empire. Beware.

The Blaze 'Vlad the Inhaler' Glass Percolator Bong is a whole new level of glass engineering. We'll start from the bottom.

The sorcery begins in the water chamber. The double showerhead percolator will refine those blazing hot hits, tearing at them and whipping them into a creamy, smooth smoke. The hit is then torn up through the bat-s#!* crazy hollow glass tubes that have been wrapped round the chamber of the bong, this serves to nearly double the length of the smoke path and in turn massively cooling down the smoke even more. As the smoke reaches the top of the tower, a beast of a splash guard resides. Not only does this stop any water reaching the user, but it serves to split the smoke up once again, giving one final stage of cooling and refining before making its way to the user.

What do you end up with? One hella cool and damn flavoursome hit! Savour every last terp...


  • Height: 310mm
  • Base Width: 100mm
  • Chamber Width: 45mm
  • Neck Width: 18mm
  • Gauge: 14.5mm
  • Gauze Size: Not really necessary due to the small hole of the bowl. If you insist, a 10mm Steel Gauze or Small Glass Sea Mine Gauze.


Height: 201 to 400mm
Gauge (mm): 14.5mm
Brand: Blaze Bongs
Material: Glass
Style: Percolator Bongs
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