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Black Leaf Quartz Oil Banger 10mm Female

Get the best bang for your buck with this beautiful Black Leaf Oil Banger 10mm Female.

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Black Leaf Quartz Oil Banger 10mm Female

These Quartz Glass oil bangers are so easy to use, instead of using a traditional nail just slide the banger into the opening gauge of your bong, heat the oil pan with a burner, place your concentrates / oil / wax in the pan with your dab tool, get your carb cap over the top of the banger and dab away! Just remember to only heat the pan and not the ground-joint / gauge of the banger because it will expand under the heat and may cause your bong and/or banger to shatter!

Glass bangers are an amazing tool for dabbing compared to the titanium and ceramic counterparts. Glass has a much better flavour, is easier to clean and retains heat for much longer.

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Brand: Black Leaf Oil Tools
Type: Oil Banger
Material: Quartz Glass
Gauge (mm): 10mm
Joint Type: Female
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