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Black Leaf Octobong 15-Arm Perc 28cm

An absolutely stunning piece of glassware.

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Black Leaf Octobong 15-Arm Perc 28cm

Black leaf have made some really dope bongs in the past and this is no exception. The Octobong is a uniquely shaped piece of glassware that boasts on of the biggest tree percolators we've seen.

The bulbous yet compact design is a contrast to the slender neck and disc-shaped mouthpiece that protrude from the rear of the piece. This feature is reminiscent of an octopus tentacle, which is where we think the name comes from as the perc has far more than 8 limbs.

Speaking of which, that 15-arm percolator is a mammoth of a diffuser. You'll never have inhaled smoke that's smoother or more purified from a non-ice bong before. Sitting above this powerful heart of the bong is a vertical, attached drop pipe that's wide enough to drag a lot of smoke through at once. The lifter bowl, which is included, has a built-in gauze and decent depth to it. Pop your dry flower in there, light it up and it'll be happy days.

The Black Leaf logo is etched into the strong glass and there is an awesome ocotopus upon the flat mouthpiece. This is a really unusal design for a bong so if you're a collector you won't want to msis out. It would look stunning in anyone's home.


  • Height: 280mm
  • Base Diameter: 100mm
  • Mouthpiece Width: 45mm (At Widest Point)
  • Glass Thickness: ~3.5mm
  • Gauge: 18.8mm
  • Bowl Height: 18mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 15mm
  • Recommended Gauze Size: None - Built-In Gauze


  • Durable Glass
  • Included Lifter Bowl With Built-In Gauze
  • 15-Arm Tree Percolator
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Tilted Design
  • Capactity For Water
  • Black Leaf Logo
  • Octobong Decal on Mouthpiece
  • Unique Shape


Brand: Black Leaf
Material: Glass
Gauge (mm): 18.8mm
Height (mm): 201 to 400mm
Size : Medium
Gauge (Sex): Female
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