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Anaxy Blunt Loader 2 Part Metal 55mm Grinder

A perfect example of how grinders keep getting better and better!

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Anaxy Blunt Loader 2 Part Metal 55mm Grinder

Grinders; they just keep getting better and better, the Anaxy Blunt Loader is a perfect example!

The strong and sharp trapezoidal blades of the grinder Anaxy  are arranged in such a way that more herbs fit in and are at the same time more efficiently shredded. The funnel with the pipe makes the filling of blunts, joints, bong bowls and poachers particularly easy. At the same time, the funnel also serves as a pollen catcher, since this remains adherent to the funnel surface. The pollen can be brushed off easily.

A very strong magnet ensures that the sections of the grinder are firmly held together. Also, the 'Seed' stays on any magnetic surface. It can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning. This budbreaker is very precisely crafted and has a light-running ring, which, combined with the handy groove marks, makes grinding the herbs and spices child’s play.


  • Height: 65mm
  • Diameter: 55mm
  • Material: Aluminium, Plastic
  • Colour: Clear / Grey
  • System: Trapezoid Teeth, Diamond-cut
  • Setup: 2-part
Material: Metal Grinders
Colour: Grey
Size (mm): 51mm-70mm
Size: Medium
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