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Alivi8 - Pocket Sized Vaporiser

From the Makers of the Rokit Bong and the Amazed pipe comes the ALIVI8 Vaporiser

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Alivi8 - Pocket Sized Vaporiser

Alivi8 vaporizer are a new addition to the vaporizing market, brought to you by the fine folks at Red Eye.

Red Eye are famous for their high quality, ergonomically designed smoking apparatus such as the Amazed Pipe and their unique looking Rok-It Bong.

The Alivi8 is their first vaporizer and it is looking good.

The unit measures in at 100mm x 18mm and weighs a total of 4oz so it is incredibly portable and it fits comfortably in your pocket. It requires a lighter (we recommend not using an electric lighter as they can get too hot, simply a high quality lighter) to vaporize and as a result does NOT require a battery or a regular topping up of gas.

It appears to be a very sturdy, durable product which the manufactures tell us is constructed of 'high-quality medical grade stainless steel'.

A lighter is used at one end, much like a regular pipe. The flame can be applied in pulses occasionally touching the filter. Control the temperature with the amount of flame applied and the speed of inhalation. The internal maze-chamber will be a familiar cooling mechanism for anyone who has taken a good look at the Amazed Pipe except that this time, the chamber doesn't cool your smoke, it cools the hot air BEFORE it reaches your smoking blend.

Vaporization is a much healthier way to smoke - as no plant matter is being combusted, no tar or carcinogens are created. It leaves you with a barely visible blue-ish vapor that will deliver the same feel and effects of smoking.

The aim with the Alivi8 is to get the chamber up to temperature rather than use it like a pipe. Once the taste starts to come through stop heating otherwise you may draw the flame through and burn the contents. Once the temperature drops again gently heat again with a lighters until the taste appears again and the remove the heat.

Spare Gauze etc now available.

Type: Handheld Vaporisers
Brand: Alivi8
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