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Abraxian Glassware - The Meraki Luxury Bong

Abraxian Glassware have two works that they work by: quality & functionality. The Meraki Luxury Bong.

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Abraxian Glassware - The Meraki Luxury Bong

Abraxian Glassware have two works that they work by: quality & functionality. These two words say it all, and that's all there is to say. Each Abraxian piece if handmade with love & pride with the goal of not only meeting customer's expectations, but completely surpassing them.

The beautiful curves of the Meraki allow for a larger volume of water meaning a much more purified and smooth experience.


  • 5mm Borosilicate Glass
    Ultra thick 5mm Borosilicate glass, making for a robust and weighted piece. This high quality Borosilicate Glass has a melting point of 820℃.
  • Front facing rush / kick hole
    A front facing rush hole making for a more ergonomic grip.
  • Built-in Ice Catcher
    The built-in ice catcher allows smoke to be rapidly cooled for a cleaner and smoother experience.
  • Folded Mouthpiece
    Robust folded mouthpiece for a sleek transition, adding comfort and allowing for a perfect seal.
  • Diffusing Down Stem
    Diffusing down stem as standard. Pulling the smoke through smaller perforations allows the smoke to be more aerated, making for an ultra smooth experience.
  • Universal Connectors
    14.5mm Universal connector joints as standard.
  • Beautifully Packaged
    The Elysian comes beautifully packaged in a protective foam lined box for safe storage
    along with it's diffusing downstem, borosilicate cone piece, the Abraxian Glassware signiture zinc alloy grinder, a quad-flame blow torch and a borosilicate heat wand.

Measurements and Dimensions:-

  • Height: 280mm
  • Mouthpiece Diameter: 45mm
  • Base Diameter: 130mm

The Meraki takes its name from the modern greeks. It is used to define doing something with creativity, soul and love. They would often refer to it as putting "something of yourself" into your craft. There could not be a better description for this gorgeous piece.

The elegant hand-blown curves that form the conical base allow for a substantial volume of water to filter, cool and purify creating a truly sublime experience.

Each Abraxian Glassware kit includes the Meraki glass body, diffusing downstem, borosilicate cone piece, the signature zinc alloy grinder, a quad-flame blow torch and a borosilicate heat wand.


A little bit about the mighty Abraxian Glassware:-

"Abraxian Glassware was founded in 2016 with the dream of creating a range of beautiful hand-crafted glass pieces that would stand out as something truly special. In order to do this we had to find and build the best team possible.

We quickly began the search for a team of glassblowers who shared our enthusiasm. After searching the country, we eventually found a group based in Kent, who clearly shared a mutual passion for the ethos of the company. Quality and functionality. The team had years of combined experience in scientific glassblowing giving them an excellent understanding of the intricacies of borosilicate glass.

After several months of designs, prototypes and long nights we finished our first piece; The Meraki. Thanks to the elegant design and hard work of our artisans the Meraki caught the attention of our peers who all wanted their own. Abraxian was born.

Gaining momentum with the success of our first product we soon found our feet and began the inception of our second design, The Elysian. With its sleek lines and robust feel it soon became a favourite amongst our customers.

At Abraxian we pride ourselves on usability and creating the highest quality products. As a result, we thought it vital to maximise the experience of our products by including every Abraxian piece with the Borosilicate Heat-Wand. This allows the user to easily activate their glassware with ease whilst avoiding the pollutants of a conventional wick or lighter.

With each success we’ve stepped closer to launching our passion in to the mainstream market. Abraxian is now here and we have so much more to come."


Please Note:
This item will be directly shipped to you by Abraxian Glassware, once you place your order please be aware that delivery times may differ to our usual delivery times. This is to ensure that you get the best possible product in the best possible condition. The cost of the product also includes the shipping costs, just select the free shipping option at the checkout.

If you've any concerns or queries please get in contact with us.


Size : Medium
Height: 201 to 400mm
Gauge (mm): 14.5mm
Material: Glass
Brand: Abraxian Glass
Style: Luxury Bongs
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