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420 UV Resistant Concentrate Jar - 420 Design

Part of the new range of 420 UV Resistant Concentrate Jars!

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420 UV Resistant Concentrate Jar - 420 Design

Having been added to their already popular UV Jar range, these have been designed for smaller substances such as loose incenses rather than larger solid/packed incenses.

The innovative ideas of the good people at 420 have developed some great great ideas for dry and cool storage, including this NEW UV Range which means you can stop worrying about putting your herbs in the sunlight.

This idea will reduce the amount of aroma, taste or effect lost from your herbs by stopping UV-B rays and all the colours of the spectrum except violet from penetrating the glass. The glass colour is violet and this is a natural filter for sunlight and UV-B rays.

This is all happens because once a herb/plant has reached a certain maturity, UV-B rays will actually begin to accelerate the decay process of the plant, therefore reducing whatever molecular substances there may be in the herb/plant. Also allowing infra-red and UV-A to permeate.

This unique combination also offers the optimal protection that plant matter can have against the aging process, which therefore means that the lifespan of the plant matter and its potency will increase.

Concentrate Jars Volume:

  • Xtra Small: 5ml
  • Small: 10ml
  • Medium: 50ml
  • Large: 100ml
420 Stash Jars: 420 UV Resistant Concentrate/Wax
Material: Glass
Type: 420 Stash Jars
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