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420 Classic Pop Top Jar - All Seeing Leaf

420 Classic Pop Top Jars by 420 Science are the official stash jars of the Cannabis Cup!

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420 Classic Pop Top Jar - All Seeing Leaf

Looking for the perfect jar to stash your most prized herbs? Look no further. These 420 Classic Pop Top Jars by the renowned 420 Science are the actual official stash jar of the cannabis cup, and they have been since way back in 2006, not only that, 420 Science have been working with High Times Magazine for many years; an absolute testament as to how good these jars really are.


The Cannabis Community wanted a quality storage solution that expressed style, great designs and could be relied on to keep buds fresh and ready to be enjoyed to the fullest.


Pull the jar open, you'll hear it pop, that's the sound of knowing your nugs are still fresher than a sailor's mouth, because that's what a 420 Classic Pop Top Jar does; it keeps up to 16 grams safe and stinky (large size). The plastic gasket around the glass lid is completely airtight, preventing any smells from escaping, perfect for preserving your herbs terpenes and stopping the stench when on a mission around town.


With over 15 420 Classic Pop Top Jar designs to choose from you can grab a jar that matches your personality, however awesome it may be!


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  • Machine Blown Glass
  • Permanent Glass Decals
  • Glass Lid with Airtight Plastic Gasket
  • Made in the USA




  • X Small: 82.5mm Height | 57.2mm Width | Holds 4.75G
  • Small: 82.5mm Height | 64mm Width | Holds 7G
  • Medium: 100mm Height | 76mm Width | Holds 10G
  • Large: 114mm Height | 89mm Width | Holds 16G


420 Stash Jars: 420 Classic Jars
Material: Glass
Type: 420 Stash Jars
Quantity: 1
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