High-Quality Pre-Rolled Skins

All pre-rolled skins are designed to be ultra-convenient, all you need to do is fill the cone up and you’re good to go.

There are some differences between the two; pre rolled blunts are often made from materials like hemp or tobacco, for example the King Palm Mini Rolls or the Cyclone Pre Rolled Blunt Cones. Pre rolled cones made from rolling papers have a much lighter material which are thinner, such as the Raw Black Pre rolled cones. Both pre roll blunts and pre rolled cones work exactly the same way by just stuffing your chosen herb into the top, both often include filters too.

What are the Benefits of Pre Rolled Skins?

Pre Rolled Cones are super convenient for any smoker; basically the rolling element is taken out of the equation, so all you need to do is stuff your pre rolled cones with your chosen herbs and you're good to go. These pre rolled cones are the ideal solution for those who aren't very confident rolling their own but want a smooth smoke, or maybe you can roll but just can't be bothered.

Where to Buy Pre Rolled Cones UK

With a huge range of stock of all types of rolling papers including pre rolled cones, 1.25 size papers, king skins, flavoured papers and much more from all your favourite brands like RAW, elements and Juicy Jay there's no better place to shop for your smoking accessories. Place an order over a certain amount with us and get free shipping, or select from our next day delivery items so you can enjoy your pre roll blunt or cone the very next day. Any questions? Just get in contact and we'll be happy to help.

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