King Skins: Quality Rolling Papers

The most popular choice here at Ali Bongo, the collection of Kingsize skins you're about to feast your eyes on is one of the main reasons why stoners commute to our store in Norwich from all corners of the UK (and beyond). A favourite amongst those that love to roll their own whether they choose Rizla, Elements, RAW, Pay Pay or a lesser-known brand, we only stock what we love here.

Why Use King Skins?

 'King Skin' is slang for a king size rolling paper, basically, a really long rolling paper. This has many uses:-

  1. Larger rolls: king skins allow tokers to roll larger joints or cigarettes, which can be convenient for sharing with friends or for longer smoking sessions.
  2.  More efficient use: With king skins, smokers can use less paper overall to roll their joints or cigarettes, which can be more efficient and cost-effective in the long run, also it means you're smoking less paper which is a win-win.
  3. Less rolling: Using king skins means that you'll need to make fewer joints or cigarettes overall to use up a given amount of tobacco or herb, saving you time and effort.
  4. Customization: King skins are very versatile and perfect for experimenting with different rolling techniques or creating more complex joint structures. Overall, king skins can allow for more experimentation and customization which is something lots of joint rollers love to do.

Overall, king skins are the most popular type of rolling paper we stock here at Ali Bongo, but, the choice to use king skins is a matter of personal preference and can depend on a variety of factors, including the desired size of the roll, the cost of the papers, and the individual's rolling style and preferences.

How Big are King Size Rolling Papers?

Standard king skins are 110mm in length and 44mm in width, although it is worth considering there are certain types of king-size rolling papers that are larger such as the Highland brand which are 125mm in length, as wide as 46mm and have lots of tips included to work as a filter.

What are the Best King Size Rolling Paper Brands?

Ultimately it's all down to personal preference and opinion; each different brand will cater to different types of smokers but there are some clear standout smoking paper brands in terms of popularity:-

  1. RAW: RAW is a popular smoking accessory brand that has the most popular king skins out there that are natural, unrefined & some made from hemp. They offer a variety of sizes, including king-size, 1.25 size skins, regular (70mm) and much more.
  2. OCB: A French brand that has been making paper for well over a century. OCD offer a range of skins, including king-size slim that are made from flax.
  3. Elements: Another super popular brand that makes unrefined papers using rice. They offer king-size papers, pre-rolled cones, connoisseur skins, and more that are known for their slow burn and clean taste.
  4. Juicy Jay's: Juicy Jay's is a brand that is known for its flavoured rolling papers. They offer king-size papers aswell as blunts & wraps that come in a variety of flavours, including grape, watermelon, and blueberry.
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