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Weed Grinder Accessories

It's important to keep a good stock of accessories for your herb grinders, there are many accessories you can buy to keep your grind and quality of herbs in tip-top shape from various cleaning tools to storage solutions to scrapers.

Herb Grinder Cleaner

After putting huge amounts of dry herb through your grinder you'll eventually want to give it a clean. Cleaning your grinder not only will ensure your herbs get a decent shred and grind but will ensure your mesh is unclogged to keep your crystal collection increasing. Using a grinder-cleaning wood toothbrush by Headchef to get in those hard-to-reach areas and give your grinder a good scrub will work wonders when paired with their grinder-cleaning solution.

Why Put a Coin in a Grinder?

Stoners are always looking for different types and ways to get the most out of their buds. Owning a 4-piece herb grinder with a crystal catcher compartment is a great way to get a collection of kief, the traditional method of putting a coin in your grinder knocks the trichomes off the side of your grinder and off the mesh, making it fall into the compartment below for an easy collection in the future.

There is a huge range of crystal collector grinders out there from various brands such as Head chef and Santa Cruz Shredder, couple these amazing grinders with a decent herb grinder coin and you'll collect a huge stash of kief in no time the natural way.

Can I get a Replacement Grinder Scraper?

Most 4-piece grinders will include a scraper when you purchase them, however, they are small and are very easy to lose! There are dedicated replacements out there, such as the replacement scraper by Santa Cruz for a very low price of course, but strictly speaking, with a bit of ingenuity and imagination you can use lots of other tools such as pieces of roach tips, rolling papers, anything that can be used as a mini shovel really!

Herb Grinder Bag and Storage

Herb grinders can of course get quite smelly after prolonged use which is not ideal for any stoner. Keeping your herb grinder in its own bag will not only contain those smells but it will also work as an added layer of protection for the on-the-go stoner. We stock the activated carbon grinder bag by Head Chef which is the perfect choice when keeping your grinder's odours under control, but if you're on a budget you could always find a Smelly Proof bag to keep your herb grinder in. In our experience, the Smelly Proof brand of bags is the most trustworthy and affordable storage solution for smelly herbs and is super durable due to its hardy plastic materials.

Herb Grinder Accessories on Sale

If you're looking to accessorise and jazz up your grinders without breaking your wallet, check out our range of grinder accessories that get the job done without breaking the bank. UK orders of £40 or over get free shipping, or we have next day delivery options to make a selection from so you can get your product super fast.

Unsure which kind of grinders or grinders accessories you need? Feel free to get in touch, with over 30 years in the industry there's always help at hand with Ali Bongo when choosing any smoking accessories.

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