High-Quality 2-Part Grinders

2-part grinders are the simplest and oldest type of grinders. The 2-Part leaves no room for fancy crystal catchers and gauzes and is a very trusty and reliable companion indeed. The beauty of the 2-part grinder is that you can keep on grinding until you find the perfect consistency in your herbs and is more suited to resins than the 3 and 4-part counterparts due to the herb staying in the grinding chamber and not falling through into another compartment. Our all-time best selling grinder is the Original No.1 plastic Grinder due to it's sturdy and durable build and long-standing excellent reputation, that being said there are many metal 2-part grinders available right now that will truly stand the test of time.

What is A 2 Part Weed Grinder?

A 2 part grinder, commonly referred to as a 2 piece herb grinder is a simple but essential tool used by smokers to grind up their weed, tobacco or other herbs to enable them to place the herbs in rolling papers and vaporizers or to prepare the herbs for cooking.

A 2 piece shredder is the most basic type of grinder available featuring 2 circular disks that have teeth on them in which herbs, weed or tobacco can be placed.

What are the Benefits of 2 Piece Grinders?

2 Piece weed grinders are well suited to smokers who want to get their herbs or weed extra ground up. Unlike a 3-piece or 4-piece grinder where the herbs reach a certain level of groundness then fall through into a collection chamber, a 2-part grinder enables the user to keep on grinding until the desired amount of groundness is achieved making these types of shredders very suitable for bongs, vapes and pipes where a finer consistency is needed.

What 2 Part Grinder Should I Buy?

With such a large range of material, size and shape to choose from, there are certain 2-part grinders that suit certain needs so it's important to learn about all the different types. 2-part acrylic grinders are ideal if you're looking for affordability or for short term use. 2-piece metal grinders in general are the best choice of material to choose from due to their durability and high quality grind. There are also hemp grinders which are biodegradable and earth friendly whilst also being able to grind your herb with excellent efficiency.

What 2 Part Grinder Brands are the Best?

Our favourite grinder brands that have a selection of 2 part shredders are Santa Cruz Shredder and Head Chef. These two brands make super-ergonomic grinders with a long life that make grinding your herbs up a joy and both will stand the test of time.

2 Part Weed Grinders on Sale

With a large range of quality 2-part grinders available you can be sure to find the perfect grinder for you at Ali Bongo. Spend £40 or more on your order and you'll qualify for free delivery in the UK with your order being packed by our dedicated packing team and dispatched in discreet packaging. We also have next day delivery options available, or, if you're stuck and need recommendations on what weed grinder to buy, just get in touch, we're always happy to help and give our honest opinion.

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