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Xmas Gifts

Our Xmas Gifts Section has all of the finest Christmas Gift items Ali Bongo has to offer. We’ve carefully selected our favourite stocking fillers, non-stoner related gifts for your friends that don’t smoke, and our premium gifts that would put a long-lasting smile on a loved one. From bongs, vapes and skins to mugs, incense and bedspreads we’re sure you’ll find that perfect gift for this holiday season here with brands like Raw, Storz & Bickel, Headchef, Cookies and more making an appearance.

Weed gifts

Christmas Day is a brilliant opportunity to dish out some quality stoner gifts to your beloved friends living the high life. With some many accessories out there designed to boost your smoking experience there's a massive range of weed gifts available such as Rolling Trays, Bongs, Rolling Boxes, Grinders, Rolling Papers, Lighters, Ashtrays just to name but a few.

Our Favourite Stoner Gifts for Christmas

With such a huge shop filled with hundreds upon hundreds of dope products we thought it would be best to get all the premium christmas gifts in one place that are sure to put a smile on any stoner's face. Here's a list of our absolute must have stoner gifts for this christmas.

Raw Linen Christmas Stocking

Ok, we've started with an obvious one. Putting this bad boy above your fireplace on christmas eve just feels so right, especially when it's filled with stoner gifts like a herb grinder, rolling papers, pre rolled cones, munchies; all the essentials for a stoner on christmas day.

Head Chef Bamboo Rolling Box

An essential store for your rolling essentials, this awesome bamboo rolling box will conveniently house your herb grinder, rolling papers, bud and much more all in one place and even has a V block to aid your rolling.

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers King Size

Yep, you heard it right; Gold Rolling Papers are a thing and are seriously cool. These work just like your regular king size rolling papers only are coated in 24k gold, smoking these feels exceptionally gluttonous. What a way to enjoy your weed and get baked!

Raw Munchies Tin with Rolling Tray Lid

With enough space to hold all the fundamental marijuana paraphernalia and be able to double up as a munchies tin stash, you can always count on RAW to bring the amazing smoking accessories. The lid is also a rolling tray so you can use it to roll your joints. This rolling tray slash munchies tin is an absolute hit in our shop.

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