The Terpometer OG Black Dab Thermometer

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A thermometer specifically designed for dabbing that helps you achieve the optimum temperature.

  • World's First 710 Tool With Thermometer
  • Precise Temperature Measurements
  • RGB Light Indication
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What Makes The Terpometer The Best?

The Terpometer is a World first; the first ever 710 tool with a built in dab thermometer. Terpometer is the only way to get consistently accurate temperature readings on quartz, titanium or  ceramic. 

No more fussing around with inconsistent, inaccurate readings from infrared thermometers. The Terpometer makes contact with the material of your banger so the sensor will give trustworthy, accurate readings. 

How To Use

  • You can turn the device on, and switch it off, using the button three times in quick succession. 
  • Simply place the sensor face down inside the banger and let it rest without pushing with any force on the banger. Then wait for the numbers of the screen to stop rising.
  • Once the temperature stops rising, the screen should show green, indicating an optimized temperature to take enjoy dabs at (between 540°F - 600°F / 282°C - 315°C ). At this point you have three options, which are as follows: Either leave and allow to cool until it drops to your ideal temperature, take a dab at the current temperature, or heat it up further for a higher temperature.
  • If you use a terp slurper or blender as your nail, you can use the Terpometer effectively by placing it on the side of the middle cylinder and the bottom of the banger.
  • As the Terpometer will give an incredibly accurate reading as it has contact with the quartz glass in your banger.
  • The Terpometer also has a handy dabbing tool on the side, making dabbing an easy and enjoyable experience, and giving you the best dab every time. 

Battery Life

The Terpometer has an incredible battery life for a device of this size. Most users report being able to use it for months before they need to recharge it. This is partly due to the auto-shut off feature where a sensor will sense if there have been no significant temperature changes in 3 minutes. 


  • Gives Accurate Temperature Measurements
  • Contact Sensor Touches Banger
  • Backlit RGB LCD Screen
  • Temperatures in °C or °F (To toggle between these two hold down the button for 3 seconds.)
  • Automatic Switch-Off
  • Great Battery Life
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