Skunk Sifters Medium 4 Screen Set

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Skunk Sifters have over 20 years' experience in both carpentry and with everyone's favourite flowers. They create their sifters with care, combining their crafts and passions to bring you top quality products with top quality results.
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Skunk Sifters Medium 4 Screen Set

Skunk Sifters have over 20 years' experience in both carpentry and with everyone's favourite flowers. They create their sifters with care, combining their crafts and passions to bring you top quality products with top quality results.

Use these screens to maximise the payoff from your yields by sieving material to extract the finest product around in both size and quality. The varying meshes give you an extremely high standard of quality dry sieving capabilities; 250u, 165u, 149u & 75u screens will leave you with piles of trichome heads separated into 4 sizes. (Conversions for Lines Per Inch are below)

The frames are made from solid Oak and are handcrafted, using traditional finger joints for not only a gorgeous finish but also durability, strength and quality. The natural wood that's used means that each frame is individual and unique; some may have varying grains, patterns or knots which means yours will be one of a kind! Skunk Sifters only use the best; so the screens that sit in the frames are made from monofilament polyester mesh. Created by weaving single fibres of polyester together, these meshes won't have any loose fibres breaking off and disrupting the sieving process.

How To Use:

  • Set up your screens in size order over a smooth surface, preferably glass or granite, but brown parchment will also work.
  • Start working your material through, being careful to pull out any stems, twigs or stalks, and avoiding pushing down on the screen.
  • When you're happy you've worked your material around the top screen sufficiently, remove the top screen, being careful not to spill any material from the sides of the sifter.
  • Next, begin sifting the heads through the screens one at a time in size order, collecting the heads as you go.
  • Be rewarded with some ultra-pure and uncontaminated trichomes in varying sizes.

Full instructions are provided with the set, and we have provided a run-down for you below. You can also visit the Skunk Sifters Youtube page for an in-depth tutorialon how to use these quality screens among many other educational videos.

What's Included:

  • Skunk Sifters Medium 4 Screen Set (Measured in Microns):
    • 1 x 250u Screen (80 LPI)
    • 1 x 165u Screen (100 LPI)
    • 1 x 149u Screen (110 LPI)
    • 1 x 75u Screen (200 LPI)
    • 1 x Anti-Static Brush
  • Full Instructions For Use & Care
  • Dimensions: H:50mm x W: 610mm x D: 508mm


  • Solid Oak Frame (Hardwood)
  • Traditional, Handcrafted Finger Joints
  • High Quality Monofilament Polyester Mesh
  • Skunk Sifters Micron Logo (Branded On Every Frame)
  • Made In Britain

How To Use:

The very first thing you'll need to do is clean and sterilize everything before use to avoid contamination. For the smooth surface you're working on (glass etc) and the mesh you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean with using a lint-free cloth. For the frames it's best to use a mild dish soap diluted with water and a very soft sponge or lint-free cloth.

Make sure you have a very smooth surface to work on, ideally glass or granite, but brown parchment paper will also do the job. Place your screens on top of each other with 75 micron at bottom, going up in size order, with your 250 micron screen on the top.

Place your material in and make sure there are no stalks, twigs or branches to avoid damaging the mesh of the screen. Move the material around on the surface of the screen but ensure you don’t push or put pressure of the screen (as this could force contaminants through and break your material down far too quickly). Make sure you don’t just focus in the centre of the screen, as that will mean that only the centre of the screen below will be catching trichomes. Try and ensure you cover the largest area you can. It makes the refining process quicker and it makes it easier to see how much product you’re extracting.

After each run you’ll notice the quality of what you can get out will lessen with more contaminants coming through for a less pure end product. Patience is the key, being gentle and doing more runs will mean you have less contaminants and a better quality end product.

You may want to keep lifting the work screen to check how much product has been sifted onto the screen below to keep track of your progress. Once you’ve finished your first run, set your work screen aside ensuring not to shake it about or knock it, otherwise you could lose precious flower material.

Move on to the next screen (165 micron.) You should see a nice layer of trichomes on this screen, so grab your anti-static brush (or plastic card) and start sweeping. Gently sweep the heads away from the edges of the screen and across the main surface, scooping as you go. Be careful not to force the heads through the screen as this can break them down; it’s far better to allow them to fall through naturally. This will help them refine themselves into different sizes of trichome, so once you feel like all the heads on top of the screen have had a chance to fall through the mesh if they can, then it’s time to collect them up. Gently tapping on the screen to make the heads bounce will also allow trichomes of the right size to naturally fall through the mesh. Use your plastic card to gather them up and carefully lift them off the screen. Place them on some parchment paper and make sure you label which size screen they've come from if you want to keep them separated.

Repeat the above process for each layer of the screen set. You may want to check on the underside of the screens as there may be a substantial amount of crystals left stuck to the bottom that have sifted through but not fallen to the next screen. Gently remove them and place them onto the screen below and continue to refine.

Once you’ve finished the last screen then scoop up your trichomes and place them on the parchment paper, making sure you get every last one. Make sure you check the underside of the bottom screen as there will be heads stuck to that too. Scrape them off onto your smooth surface at the very bottom and then collect those >75 micron heads too.

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Skunk Sifters Medium 4 Screen Set