Flavoured Rolling Papers

If you’re looking for that little something extra with your smoke try out one of our many flavoured rolling papers. We have a hugely extensive range of rolling papers at Ali Bongo but rest assured these are all hand picked, we only stock what we deem fit, that being said you can shop with confidence in this section knowing the flavours are on point. Some of our favourites include the Hemparillo Hemp Wraps, Dispensary Pens Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls, Juicy Jays and the brand new Tube Supreme Joint Filters.

What are Flavoured Rolling Papers?

Flavoured rolling papers are just that; rolling papers with flavour. You'd be surprised how well these tasty papers can enhance your smoke, with many smokers around the globe swearing by them. If you're not a huge fan of the taste of tobacco and other herbs but still enjoy smoking then these are the papers for you with flavours ranging from apple, blueberry, watermelon, cherry all the way to the more complex blackberry brandy or even jamaican rum.

What do Flavoured Rolling Papers do?

Flavoured rolling papers offer smokers a new way to enjoy their smoking experience. The flavoured papers not only add an extra element of flavour to the smoke, but they also help mask the taste of the tobacco or herbs used. This makes flavoured rolling papers a great option for those who don't enjoy the taste of traditional rolling papers.

Is Flavoured Rolling Paper Good?

Flavoured skins are becoming increasingly popular among smokers. These papers are made from natural materials and are infused with a variety of rich tastes and aromas. Flavoured skins come in different sizes and flavours, with some being infused with fruit flavours and others with spicy flavours, some small like the 1.25 size, some large like the king size papers. These skins are also available in organic or natural varieties, which are made from unbleached or unrefined materials.

Flavoured King Size Rolling Papers

One of the most popular types of flavoured rolling papers is the king skin. These papers are larger than traditional rolling papers, making them perfect for rolling larger cigarettes or joints. King size papers come in a variety of flavours, including cotton candy, bubble gum, grape, blueberry, strawberry and even blackberry brandy and jamaican rum! These papers are also available in natural or organic varieties, which are made from unbleached or unrefined materials; there really is a massive range of king size papers available, so totally worth taking the time to consider which ones take your fancy the most before purchasing. There are also king size flavoured papers available pre rolled now, simply pack in your herb and light it up.

Flavoured 1.25 Size Rolling Papers

Another customer favourite rolling paper that is available flavoured is the 1.25 or 1 1/4 sized rolling paper. The 1.25 size paper is in between a regular sized paper and a king size paper and are also available in a large range of fruity and spicy tastes such as pineapple, liquorice, apple, strawberry and more.

Flavoured Papers on a Roll

We love rips rolls, you can choose the exact length you want your joints or cigarettes to be and the seem to last forever. Flavoured rips on a roll have always been a go-to with our customers with flavours ranging from liquorice, pineapple, birthday cake and more recently cotton candy.

Flavoured Rolling Papers with Free Delivery

We offer free delivery for UK orders over a specific amount when you shop with us online, meaning you can get the best value for your money, we even have a dedicated and professional packing department who specialize in discrete delivery and making sure your precious smoking accessories get to you in one piece whether it's a simple pack of flavoured skins to bongs, vaporizers, grinders and way more.

Any questions or want some advice on which is the best option for you? get in contact with us or give us a call; we have over 30 years experience in the smoking industry and we're always happy to give you honest opinions!

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