CVault Personal Stainless Steel Container - Small, Medium or Large C Vault

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This CVault stash pot is truly remarkable! Available here at Ali Bongo, it is not only air-tight, but it also has a Humidipak available, which keeps the...
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C-Vault Personal Stainless Steel Container

All NEW technology in the form of a perfect humidifying system for any natural herbal products.

The CVault maintains your herbal product at its ideal relative humidity, not losing or gaining any moisture. Instead, it will be maintained at its ideal 62% moisture level throughout its intended lifespan.

The Humidipak eliminates even the slightest fluctuations in humidity, preventing your herbs from losing any oils, character or flavour. It includes:

  • 62% Humidipak - It is made of natural elements; Salt and Water. There are no additives or chemicals, only allowing pure water vapour in and out of the of the Humidipak. Keeping the contents at 62% until next removed fromt the Vault. 1 with the XSmall and Medium, 2 with the Large and 4 with the XLarge.
  • 1x Patented 2-way humidity control unit.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and now Extra Large!

  • Small:Interior Diameter: 3.25 or 8cm. Includes 1 4g Boveda Humidipak

Depth / Height: 1.75 or 4.4cm

  • Medium:Interior Diameter: 4.00" or 10cm. Includes 1 8g Boveda Humidipak

Depth / Height: 2.25" or 5.6cm

  • Large:Interior Diameter: 4.75" or 12cm. Includes 2 8g Boveda Humidipaks

Depth / Height: 2.50" or 6.5cm

You can also buy seperate Humidipaks!

How to store medicinal herbs?

The way in which medicinal herbs are stored affects the quality of these herbs. Curing and storage of medicinal herbs in stainless steel CVault containers combined with the use of Boveda humidity packs guarantees an optimal quality product. The storage system conserves quality and prevents the herbs from losing weight and degrading.

The stainless steel CVault container is for professional herb retailers, and of course for the real connoisseurs.

Operation of CVault

The CVault containers are made of food grade stainless steel. This means that the material meets high hygiene standards. The stainless steel containers are easy to clean with alcohol.

Light and air

Plants need light and air to grow. But after harvesting, light (UV radiation) and air (oxygen) affect the quality of the medicinal herbs. Storage in a container that allows light and air management optimizes a long-lasting quality of the medicinal herbs. Odour, taste, weight, structure and effect are preserved in this way.

Preservation of trichomes

Studies show a 15% higher score on maintaining trichomes (with terpenes and cannabinoids) when the medicinal herbs are stored with Boveda. Maintaining 15% more trichomes means that the medicinal herbs look better, taste softer, smell better, work better and of course sell better.

Operation of Boveda

The Boveda humidity management is based on the principle that salt attracts and retains moisture. Each type of product benefits from a different relative humidity. For medicinal herbs that percentage is 62.

Two-way regulation

Boveda guarantees a 62% humidity thanks to a special salt mixture. The patented two-way membrane from Boveda in which the salt mixture is packaged allows moisture to pass through to two sides. If the relative humidity in the container exceeds 62%, the salt absorbs moisture through the membrane. If it becomes too dry inside the container, the salt will release moisture through the membrane (reverse osmosis).

Pure water vapor

Boveda's hyperfiltration membrane only allows water vapour to pass through. As a result, there are no impurities in the medicinal herbs.

What is curing?

The big advantage of curing is that the terpenes and cannabinoids in the medicinal herbs are optimally preserved. During the process, the chlorophyll in the medicinal herbs breaks down and the smell of hay disappears. Finally, cured medicinal herbs are softer on the throat and have a longer shelf life.

Storage and quality

CVault stainless steel food grade containers are lightweight and airtight. Air and light do not get a chance to affect the quality of the product in the container. Boveda ensures that the relative humidity remains at 62% continuously.

Fluid fluctuations are not good once the medicinal herbs are dried and cured. The storage in the stainless steel CVault container in combination with Boveda ensures that the medicinal herbs retain their scent, taste and effect for a long time. With this combined system, curing and storage of herbs provides a better quality product that has a longer shelf life.

No mold

The ideal relative humidity range for storage of medicinal herbs is between 55-65%, with an optimum between 58-63%. Below 50% the herbs are really too dry and trichomes are lost (with a negative effect on taste and effect). Above 65% the risk of mold increases considerably. The CVault and Boveda combination keeps the humidity at an ideal 62%.

No weight loss

Another important advantage is that a continuous relative humidity for medicinal herbs ensures weight is maintained during storage. By default an average 3 percent of the weight of the preserved herbs is lost during storage, without the use of Boveda. That is a considerable loss. Three percent less weight means three percent less profit. The use of Boveda is therefore more than worth its cost.

Standard for quality

The use of medicinal herbs is rapidly gaining in popularity. Before the CVault combination with Boveda entered the market, there was not a good standard for monitoring the quality of the products during storage. This professional storage system now sets that standard. With CVault and Boveda, medicinal herbs can be stored for at least 160 days without reducing taste, effect and volume.

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