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We've searched for and sought our bongs from high and low to bring you the very best choice when shopping for the perfect bong for you. Whether you're looking for a huge, towering brute of a glass bong, a durable acrylic piece that will stand the test of time or any accessory to fit your bong you’ll find it right here with all the top brands like RooR, Grace Glass and Black Leaf amongst many others.

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Where can I buy bongs in the UK?

All about where to buy a great bong in UK, here we will try our best to give you advice on what to look out for when buying a bong and answer some of your questions about buying a bong in the UK.

How does a bong work?

Bongs are simply put used as an instrument to get high from weed (in countries where this is legal) or for smoking other herbs. Bongs come in many shapes sizes and have a bowl that holds weed or dry flower. Put the weed into the bowl, ignite the herbs with a lighter whilst inhaling from the mouthpiece. The smoke will move through the filter or diffuser of the bong and through the water and ice cubes before ending up in the upper chamber and entering your mouth and lungs.

Using a bong to smoke cannabis is one of the most common ways of getting high, along with smoking joints, blunts, spliffs (in the UK) or vaping weed with a vaporizer.

What type of bongs are best?

The best type of bong is all down to a matter of opinion. Some bong smokers like a traditional straight up glass cylinder bong, others prefer to add water and to have a percolator bong or a recycler bong. Every piece has a bong bowl and most are able to hold water, or what is referred to as a water pipe bong.

Glass bongs

Glass Bongs are the most common material and are preferred for their taste, quality and looks. Glass bongs can have a higher price compared to other cheap types like acrylic bongs and ceramic bongs but glass bongs typically feature percolators more often than other bongs. There are also many benefits of glass bongs, when you inhale from a glass bong the taste is far superior, they typically hold a higher water level and have better filters such as shower head percolators or diffusers. Most glass piece feature heat resistant borosilicate glass and generally speaking the thickness of the glass determines the quality of the bong. Lots of glass bongs can be converted to allow for the use of vaporizers such as the mighty, crafty and firefly too, you'll just need the relevant bong adaptor.

Acrylic bongs

Acrylic bongs are generally cheaper to buy and can have a longer life span than glass water bongs as they are much more durable. If we were to recommend a bong to a beginner we would say that an acrylic bong is the best place to start. On the whole, an acrylic bong is a little more harmful to the environment due to the materials used unless you take good care of your plastic water bong. If you're looking for low price water pipes then an acrylic bong is well worth considering, you may even find the perfect bong for you. Most acrylic bongs have a kick hole, long tube for inhaling, are portable and create lots of bubbles when using water and inhaling.

Ceramic bongs

A ceramic bong often looks very quirky and cool, some of our ceramic bongs in stock are the most unique bongs available on the market. A ceramic bong is a hardy and durable option for a beginner or new customer to purchase. Overall they are an environmentally friendly option and most have a large water chamber for a perfect clean hit. A Ceramic bong is quite convenient in the way that they require not as much cleaning as a glass bong and can be used much more before they get dirty, but this depends on the quality of a particular piece.

Silicone bongs

Silicone bongs are worth considering when buying bongs online and have a low price. Most silicone bongs are considering water pipes too as they hold water or have a water chamber and hold ice which helps the cooling process when using a bong. Silicone bongs are a portable option for the on the go smoker and are near indestructible. A silicone bong is the ideal water pipe for bringing to a festival as they can often but stuffed or folded to the bottom of your bag and require very little cleaning even after using vast amounts of herb.

Percolator bong

Most people who smoke bongs consider percolator bongs to be the best bongs available. A percolator bong is a water pipe that filters and bubbles your smoke as you inhaling which adds an extra degree of personal care to your smoking experience. These bongs also work an ash catcher too and is cleaning than using a traditional bong and gives a cool bubbler sound when you take bong hits. Most people who smoke bongs consider perc bongs to be the best bongs available to purchase due to the water filtration amongst the other many benefits and we have a huge range in our store in the UK aswell as online on our website.

Dab rigs

Oil rigs, or dab rigs are the best way to enjoy your concentrates, waxes, shatter or just about any concentrated form of cannabis. The ideal dab rig is small in size and are specialized for use with cannabis concentrates. These differ slightly from dry herb bongs online because instead of having a bong bowl they include either a nail and dome, or a banger. They also typically have a smaller and more compact shape. Dab Rigs allow the user to vaporizer rather than smoke their concentrates due to the temperature at which concentrates are enjoyed (which is below the temperature of combustion).

Our best bongs of 2022 in the UK

Here we've picked the very best bongs of 2022, whether they're from our favourite brands like RooR, Grace Glass, Chongz or Black Leaf or if they're simply customer favourites that sell in our shop day in and day out. These new products are in stock and the best bongs you can buy in the uk in 2022.

How to clean your bongs

One thing to consider when purchasing a bong is how easily can you clean it. Nowadays cleaning a bong can be really easy and free of fuss if you choose the right cleaning product. We would recommend a cleaning brush to literally any bong owner because it will allow you to keep on top of cleaning your bong and ensuring you get a fresh hit everytime you smoke from it. The most effective cleaning product is isopropyl alcohol, but this should only really be used on glass items as it can damage certain materials such as acrylic or silicone, we would recommend voodoo bong and pipe cleaner as a safer and more price effective product to ensure you get a good smoke each time. Simply plug up your carb hole (if your bong has one) and the gauge, pour your bong cleaner inside (be sure to follow the instructions for the right ratio), leave for a little while and rinse with hot water. Keeping your water pipes clean is actually way more important than the typical bong user thinks; mold, bacteria, fungi and many more nasties can build up inside your bong over a very small timeframe and can make you seriously ill in the long-term, we always ensure that our hands are clean when preparing and eating food and it should be exactly the same with our smoking apparatus. Ensure you clean your water pipe properly and regularly, we cannot stress this enough.

Bongs on sale in the UK at Ali Bongo

Best bongs for beginners

If you're a new customer and looking to buy the best bong for a beginner we would suggest going for a bong with a 14.5mm gauge as it will have a tighter draw. It's also important to purchase a bong that doesn't have a huge smoke path and is a straight shape that contains ice cubes and water, this will ensure that you will have the smoothest smoking experience possible due to the way the water and ice filters your smoke. Any material is a good choice for a beginner, acrylic will give you the best durability and life span if treated with due care and respect, we'd suggest you checkout the Chongz Brain Scan Plastic Bong as it has an ice catcher, capacity for water and is super easy to clean at an amazing price. Glass will give you the best taste and will help to cool your hits down a little more than the ceramic and acrylic counter parts, glass also usually contains some sort of percolation which may increase the price but will also allow further filtration and lend to a much better time smoking. For a great beginner glass bong checkout the Pheonix Star Square Base glass piece, it's simple shape, ice catcher, capacity for water and quality will ensure you get the best smoking experience for the price. Silicone is a great choice, especially whilst you build up awareness for your bong (overtime you'll learn to be less clumsy) due to its near indestructibleness, they are also super easy to clean, convenient due to their portability and very good value for price. Checkout the Piecemaker Kermit Bendy Silicone Bong for a seriously great deal when buying bongs in the UK.

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