Ali Bongo, pleased to present the new Atmos Magna Wax Pen!

We try and cater for every market here at Ali bongo. Now we're proud to present the new Atmos Magna wax pen, It looks pretty fly to begin with, but it also has some awesome features that makes concentrate vaping much easier.



To begin with the presentation of this product is simple but effective, it comes in a leather almost cigarette case, complete with unit, spare coil, charger and tool. Everything you'll need for this bad boy. It charges like a traditional e-cig, via usb, so that's easy.


This pen really comes into its own when you look at the pen, it has a "upgraded" glass mouthpiece, familiar to those who know that smoking anything with glass is much tastier than plastic. The mouthpiece sits atop a magnetic chamber cover - this is amazingly convenient, it makes loading the vaporizer super easy! Above that is the atomiser, this particular vape come with two, one single coil and one double coil making sure all bases are covered.

With three temperature settings, a really friendly user interface and a £40 online price mark, you can't go wrong!