Post Product Earth Appreciation Blog

Hey Guys! Well, after a busy and hazy weekend we can safely say (and I'm sure on behalf of everyone) that we killed it! Big thanks to every single person who came, all the Exhibiters, the Cannabis Club reps, The Artists, Glass blowers and all the staff that helped set everything up and pack everything down.

For those who couldn't make it, you missed out on something amazing, but fear not, this years was more than double of last years and next years will be even bigger! And we're excited to see everyone there and more!

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For those of you who stayed in our campsite, we hoped you partied hard and got good use of your goodie bags. For everyone who came to see our little baby Bongo shop, thanks to you guys too!

After the months of hard work prepping, stressing, organising and re-organising. We feel it all payed off, and it wasn't down to us, it was because of everyone mentioned above, and the love they showed us when we were there.

busy stand

Just check out the videos on our YouTube channel! - Big up to our Joe who went and had a chat with everyone he could, and got a cheeky tattoo at the same time.

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So after a fucking awesome weekend, we hope to see everyone there next year! Seriously don't miss this one.