Welcome to our Brand New Website

For an extended period of time we’ve felt a bit like a broken record assuring customers that a new website is really close, well, it’s actually here now and we’re super happy with it!

The long wait wasn’t without reason. Stocking over 5000+ products and making sure they all live in their rightful place on the website along with all the relevant filters to help you find them, the correct photos, descriptions and many other behind-the-scenes information is a massive task that simply put we could not rush.

On our new website you’ll immediately notice the new look and layouts, it has had a much needed clean up that has resulted in a greatly improved experience when browsing.

Returning Customers

If you had an account on our previous website you will need to reset your password by clicking here. You will also need to re-add your addresses that you had saved.

New features we’ve been so excited to share

  • A Brand New Look – our old website had quite an outdated look, much debating and deliberation later and we came up with this one, we hope you love it as much as we do!
  • Tidier Categories – Products are much easier to find now, all of our categories on the menu at the top of the homepage have been sorted along with the filters.
  • One Page Checkout – What it says on the tin. Everything is on one page for convenience.
  • Sign up with Google – Create an account and sign in via your Google Account.
  • Wishlist – Create a wishlist on your account, we had this on the older website but it’s much more intuitive this time round.
  • Back in Stock Notification – Favourite product out of stock? Click the button under the ‘Tell Your Friends’ share button and you’ll get an email once its back in stock.
  • Brands Page – See all products from your favourite brand all in one place.
  • Search – The new search function is more forgiving and brings the most relevant results to the front of the search.
  • Much, Much More - There are too many new benefits to list here!

We hope you enjoy checking out our new website and if you spot any bugs or glitches be sure to let us know, we're more than happy to hook you up with some freebies :)

For any questions get in contact with us:-

Tel: (+44)1603 760055
Email: Admin@alibongo.co.uk