Staff Product Picks - January 2022

January 2022

The most loved products from the staff at Ali Bongo of January 2022. Being believers and users ourselves everyday of the products we sell, here are our favourites for January whether they are fresh on the scene or classics that just need to be featured.

Starting off simple. There are many reasons why this metal joint tube is the first one that jumps off the page. As an out-and-about kind of smoker I like to roll up a king skin, smoke some, then come back later, the only problem with this is the stench of a half smoked dooby. These seriously robust joint tubes are completely smell proof, water tight and keep your joint in perfect condition which answers all of your prayers in one. A massive improvement on the plastic spliff tube counterparts, we’d be seriously surprised if you managed to damage one of these. A must have.

As many of our customers will know we’ve stocked dozens and dozens of vaporizers over the years, we’ve always been sure to pick ones to stock that we genuinely enjoy but as of late the bar has been raised leaving a handful of victors on our shelves.

The Flowermate is where high tech and high performance meets an exceptional price point. This super durable, lightweight handheld vape delivers quick and consistent use time and time again with temperatures of 148°C - 230°C and getting there in just 30 seconds. We absolutely love the mouthpiece too, being made from Zirconia Ceramics, the isolated air-path cools down the hits and ensures a smooth and pleasant vaping experience everytime. What’s more is the battery life is grand with around 20 sessions per charge via a convenient USB charging cable.

We’re not claiming this is the very best vaporizer money can buy out there with giants like the Mighty and Volcano Hybrid clearly claiming those top spots but if you’ve been shopping around and are dubious about getting your first vape and confused by the gargantuan array of units out there then this is where you can put your quarrels to rest at just £59.99.

The long awaited hemp version of the RAW Black King Skins. These ultra slow burning, completely natural, almost tasteless rolling papers are RAW’s thinnest paper to date and were released for RAW’s 16th birthday, what a lovely touch.

As visitors to our shop with know, we stock an actual mind-bending range of rolling papers, but this isn’t without its reasons; they are all unique and suit different preferences and types of rollers. What sets these truly natural and organic rolling papers into their own league is not only the slow burn, taste(lessness) and the ultra-thin build but it is in the watermark. RAW’s watermarks ensures an even burn right down to the bottom, it also helps to make the perfect roll everytime due to the grip it offers.

We’ve always been flying the Headchef flag. Headchef grinders always perform exceptionally and have such a great price point that we’re always pointing customers into their direction.

The Headchef Hexcellence is a great choice for somebody looking for a new herb shredder. Coming complete with it’s own crystal catching part we were really impressed with the gauze and found that because of this super fine gauze only the best crystal matter falls through, leaving the rest to easily be collected in the third department.

Razor sharp teeth, an ergonomic hexagonal grip, seemless grinding and no-fuss collection of ground herb sets this 55mm grinder apart from the crowd. We love the choices of colour too in either Purple, Silver, Orange, Black, Green, Blue, and White.

What really shocked us is the price point; £19.99 for a top of the range grinder is nothing to grumble at, always recommended in our shop to customers have a peruse of the infamous Bongo Grinder Cabinet.

MEGA. These scales are straight up Mega. We’ve been stocking these bad boys at Ali Bongo for quite some years now, we don’t just sell these we use and rely on them all the time, we actually use these to weigh all of the orders you guys place and to be honest we couldn’t get by without them.

Extremely reliable, durable and accurate, the Mega Bowl 8kg digital scales can be relied on to accurately weigh all of your valuables with pin point precision and they have a use in many aspects of daily life, all recreational uses aside you could use these to weigh anything up to 8kg with an exactness to 1g. Currently on sale at just £34.99 they are an absolute bargain and we can’t sing it’s praises highly enough.

And that's it for January. To link to a product just click the titles or photos.

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