New and Exclusive to Ali Bongo - KIND TRAY GEAR - Essential for Oil Enthusiasts!

How does a product, manufactured by any company from any corner of the globe, end up becoming Ali Bongo stock?

Well, it's a complicated business. We have been known to use global satellite photography to spy into the smoke-filled living rooms of stoners world-wide (they're always patching together ingenious smoking devices!).

Then we have our over-seas teams of intrepid space cadets trying and buying all the concoctions this planet has to offer (we'll be off to Spannabis THIS VERY WEEK - stay tuned for more on that)

But essentially, whatever product has been found, by whatever means, there is one universal test through which every bit of kit goes through:

Does the boss like it?

Yep. Ali Bongo started as a one-man-market and, despite our now global reach, that same one man still gives the final yes or no for each and every item we sell. And boy, was he excited about making contact with a little company that goes by the