Have you Got Your Tickets For Product Earth Yet?!

With just under two weeks until the best weekend of the summer, we're busy in the shop ensuring that everything is more than ready, we're going all out on this one! picking the best stock to showcase and even more exclusive freebies, giveaways and prizes- Oh, did we mention that we've got a huuge wheel spitting out an assortment of fucking awesome stuff!

If you're lucky enough to be there for the whole weekend and even luckier to be camping in our sponsored campsite, you're in for a Christmas of a summer festival, we're gunna keep you super hooked up for your smoking supplies, so you're not caught short just before Grandmaster Flash, Gentleman’s Dub Club or Mike Skinner!


Seriously though it's a fat line-up! And that's just the music side of it, with stalls from Dinafem, Humboldt, Pure Sativa, Barneys Farm, The Attitude and Choice. And they're just the headliners! There's so so many more, even Greenhouse, Kannabia and Royal Queen to name but a few. Check out the full list HERE for treasure map) there's a seminar stage in the middle, educating all of us like minded individuals about the new discoveries in medical marijuana, drugs and drug law, vaping and the future of smoking the 'erb.

Basically what we're trying to say is if you haven't got your ticket yet, then you should get one quick! Last years was awesome and this years will be even better! Where else can you talk, learn, hear and dance in the celebration of cannabis?!