*A New Dawn* The FULL Report on Spannabis 2014


Tales of paradise, oil dabbing, shaking hands with celebs and ... a brand new Amsterdam?

Almost certainly, says our man on the ground at Spannabis 2014.

As many of you will know, last weekend saw Malaga on May 9th to the 11th, but today - MONDAY - we saw our fearless and intrepid Bongo staff return from the field after attending the three day fiesta.

They looked a little dishevelled, but there is a glint in their eye. A wild enthusiasm that is hard to hide keeps boiling over every five minutes or so and they are forced to tell us all in the office (over and over again) just how good it was. So good, in fact, they feel the face of Europe may not be the same again.....

It was a long weekend away, and here, unabridged, is their story:

Dude.... Not entirely sure how you document this...

Ok so yesterday(Friday)