We'll miss you, Blunts

We'll miss you, Blunts :'(

It was good while it lasted and we had a good run but today marks the day we have to say goodbye to our beautiful tobacco based blunt packaging. Due to new regulations all tobacco based blunts will come in plain packaging (much like tobacco pouches and boxes) with health warnings. It's a massive shame really, but, alas, we have to play ball.

You could sail down a river on that ting' You could sail down a river on that ting'

Today is the last day you'll be able to purchase your favourite blunts in their beautiful, colourful packaging (See below Juicy Jay's BubbleGum). We're unsure when blunts will be available again, there will certainly be a drought for quite some time.

The beauty; it burns my eyes! The beauty; it burns my eyes!

But for you guys, the consumers of these spectacular blunt wraps, it's not all doom and gloom, in fact, it's time for you to capitalise...

Half Price (Today only) Half Price (Today only)

ALL of our Tobacco Blunts are half price, seriously guys, grab these whilst you can, it's certainly gunna' be quite some time before you're able to buy blunts again, and, even then, it's gunna' be a 'behind-de-counter-ting'.

We have some even madder-er offers... Those Cyclone Xtra-Slow Blunts that everybody knows and loves? Yeah; they're £5 a box! Craziness, that's 75% off, they were £20! A box includes 24 of these babies.

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