May The 4th Be With You!

May The 4th Be With You!

Ah, the nostalgia! Ah, the nostalgia!

May the 4th be with you... we love the fact that today has slowly become a full-on Star Wars holiday; it all begun with a pun! Star Wars has influenced us all over the years in one way or another; everybody knows the wailing wookie Chewie, the wise and patient Yoda, the dark Darth Vader, beep-e-de-bop R2-D2 (one crazy Mo******) and of course our valient Luke Skywalker.

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) Then and now Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) Then and now

Star Wars has got to be one of the best, if not THE best film series ever made and has provided generations of people with laughter, sadness, nostalgia and happiness; even life lessons. It has taught us to be compassionate, grateful, determined and selfless.

Chewie and Han; a match made in heaven Chewie and Han; a match made in heaven

All of the #BongoCrew love Star Wars, we all appreciate it's epicness, So much so that we simply couldn't resist getting in loads of Star Wars related products... the force was just too damn strong.

All of you red-eyed jedi's are going to love this ceramic Yoda bong. A perfect homage to the patient and wise Yoda (you will need to light his head on fire to get red-eyed; pretty weird, try not to think about that too much). He's also available in Blue if you fancy being extra quirky


Come to the Dark Side (or should I say Dank Side?) with the Dank Vader glass bowl with an approximate volume of 50cm³. He's seriously durable and when packed he's guaranteed to shatter your brain, just like the DeathStar.

*Cold mechanical heavy breathing* *Cold mechanical heavy breathing*

Wanna' stay on the Light Side? I'd be sticking with the Yoda Loader. Pack his head full of erb's and light up, you will feel a force of some description.

Get blitzed you will young padawan "Get blitzed you, will young padawan"

Boop Boop Beep-e-de-bop bop booper-boop-beep? BEEP BOOP! Calm down R2... we're getting to you (I told you he's bats*** crazy). R2-D2 is getting a bit impatient, damn  astromech droids! The galaxy's most beloved astromech droid is here; in the form of one of the most epic extract / oil bongs you've seen. With his inline diffuser, an attachable oil bowl, carb cap and high quality glass, there's no wonder there's a price on his little flashing metalic head! Guaranteed to impress even the most prolific dabbers in the galaxy.

Boop-De-Beep 'Boop-De-Beep'

Bop-Beep-Beep 'Bop-Beep-Beep'

Beep-de-bop 'Beep-de-bop' - Truly inspirational

All of these amazing intergalactical products are available on

'Remember; the force will be with you always'

Peace and Love always from the #BongoCrew