High Glass Roach from Raw x Roor & Tsari Glass

What more could you want?! Germany's premium glass-ware company has paired up with everyone’s favourite paper company. Is it just coincidence that they have the same name? hmm?


So here we're proud to announce that you can buy fats, thins, trumpets or flattened mouthpieces for your smoking enjoyment. Gone are the days you burn your lips on a Stinging Roger or your friends catch you without everything being Raw.


We've also had a big delivery of Tsari glass roach tips, As slim as the slim Raw/Roors and a couple of pennies cheaper, Tsari are a British company too, support your local! These baddens come in packs of one or three, and feature a lower price than the named stuff.


Who uses card roach anymore?! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!