How to get Weed into a Festival the Easy Way

Since the dawn of Cannabis use it has been clear that the high associated deeply amplifies and intensifies the enjoyment when listing to music, even more so with live music with all the energy it brings. Aside from the music, if you're going to a music festival then you may want to enjoy some cannabis whilst in the camping area taking in all the sites and making new friends; this can be a problem in the UK where Cannabis remains a Class B drug and is of course banned at music festivals.

We all know that Cannabis generally speaking won't make people aggressive, which is funny considering the astounding amounts of alcohol consumed on the grounds of even the smaller festivals. As much as we disagree with some country's Cannabis Laws, it is something we have to live with for now so it's best to take every precaution whilst you sneak weed into your favourite festival.

It's important to remember that whilst Cannabis is illegal and banned from festivals most of the time the festival organisers are simply ticking boxes; how many non-smokers really care if you smoke a joint in the arena? Not many, but that being said its best to take every precaution possible to ensure you don't get caught. Some Festivals will void your ticket and send you back to the car park, others will simply take your supply and dump it but still let you in.

crowd watching festival band play smoking weedcrowd watching festival band play smoking weed

The best way to get weed into a festival

Once you've got your stash through the front gates and past festival security the hardest and most daunting part is over; here are some simple steps to smuggling marijuana past security whether you're taking just a few grams or bringing an ounce, we're confident this is the best way:

Smell Proof Stash

However you decide to get your cannabis products in, you'll 100% need to ensure it's completely smell proof. There are many products that will make your weed smell proof but here's our recommended list and a technique to combine them all to be super precautious:-

Tight Vac

Ok, so the Tight Vac is simply a life-saver when smuggling weed into a festival. Odour proof, air-tight, water resistant and small the tight vac has a vacuum seal so you can simply place your smoke inside, hold down the button and slide the lid back on. When placing your herbs inside take good care to not contaminate the outside of the Tight Vac with sticky weed scented fingers and you're off to a good start.

Smelly Proof Baggies

We've been stocking this particular brand of smell proof baggies for 10+ years, they really did change the game when these came about and are an essential for any weed smoker around. With sizes for any stash from 3 grams all the way up to multiple ounces these will have you covered. These opaque plastic baggies really do keep the stinkiest odours at bay, you can place your trust in them.

The Technique to get past festival security at the gate

For this tried and tested technique to get your weed into a festival you'll need:-

  • 1 x Tight Vac - whatever size best fits your stash
  • 2 x Smelly Proof Baggies - One to fit your stash, the other to fit your size Tight Vac
  • 1 x Pair of unused rubber gloves

Keep in mind not to contaminate the outside of your Tight Vac or Baggies, this is really really crucial. By contaminate we mean don't touch your weed with your hands and then touch the baggies or tight vac with your sticky weed infested hands. Keep the area clean and don't be clumsy.

  1. Open your smaller Smelly Proof Baggy and pour your weed in, fully secure the seal of the bag.
  2.  Wash your hands with soapy water to get rid of any stickiness if you touched any bud, then put your unused rubber gloves on. If you did contaminate the baggy with some weed-scented fingers give it a wash with cold water.
  3. Place the smaller Odour Proof plastic baggie inside the Tight-vac and ensure its sealed well.
  4. Get your larger smell proof baggy and put the tight-vac inside.
  5. Ensure there's no excess air in the largest bag, then tape it to make it as small as possible. It should be looking really small at this stage
  6. Roll out your tent on your lawn.
  7. Place the stash in the pocket on the inside of your tent.
  8. Roll up your tent so that the pocket has ended up in the middle of the rolled up tent.
  9. Have peace of mind when you get to the festival gates knowing that the chances of you getting your stash confiscated are pretty much nil!

Not only is your weed stash completely smell proof at this stage it's also wrapped up in a small package in the middle of your tent. Everybody knows that when you get to the festival gates there's no way security will search so extensively to the point of asking you to unravel your tent with thousands of people to get through; it's just not happening. This really is how to get weed into a festival the easy way.

person holding a cigarette made of weed or a jointperson holding a cigarette made of weed or a joint

6 Other simple ways to sneak weed into a festival

There are many other much simpler ways to sneak weed into a festival which require very little effort, some quite weird and wonderful ways actually but they work nonetheless:-

Bring Cannabis Infused Edibles

You can easily sneak weed into a festival by simply hiding it in plain sight. Making cannabis infused edibles is actually a lot easier than you might think and nothing looks more innocent than a small Tupperware tub of chocolate oaties or shortbread. The main thing to consider is keeping the odour down, so ensure you've got a good air-tight container to keep your edibles in.

Diversion and Stash products

You wouldn't believe how like for like diversion and stash products are these days, you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference from looks or feeling with our many stash products, here are our favourites and most popular products to allow you to bring weed to a music festival with peace of mind:

If you can purchase many of the same cans to help your Stash Can blend in, then you're really onto a winner.

Hide your Weed Stash in a Condom

Yep, that classic condom trick still works. Condoms are actually unbelievably strong and malleable and will be fine stuffed right at the bottom of your huge festival bag, or even in your pants. When meticulously tied up and secured they'll do pretty well at holding odours in.

Hide it in your shoe

Festival security at the main gates are more concerned you're not carrying any weapons, so it would be very out of the ordinary and far fetched for them to ask you to remove your shoes especially when there's a huge queue of thousands of people behind you anxiously waiting to get their camping spots secured. Sometimes playing it cool and sticking it in your shoe is the best course of action to sneak weed inside music festivals. We would still suggest you use a Smelly Proof Bag though.

Hide it in your clothes in your bag

If you're going to a 5 day festival then you'll have a whole heap of clothes in your bag, you could literally place your weed stash into the pockets of some of your clothes. The likely hood of these being searched is real low and is an easy way to sneak weed into music festivals; just be sure once again that it's in a Smelly Proof Baggy.

Other things to consider to sneak weed into music festivals

Aside from the actual stashing and hiding your weed aspect when you want to sneak weed past security, there are some other things to consider to minimise your chances of getting caught:

Don't be first in the queue

Obvious one. Don't be the first person in the queue to get past security at the main gate, when the flood gates open and everyone starts pouring in the chances are you'll be searched more rigorously. You'd be much better off staying with the herd, if you arrive at an off-peak time or after an hour of constant searching by security, the chances are security will be a little more slack and forgiving.

Don't bait yourself out with banned items

Be sensible and actually check what else you're allowed to bring. Most festivals won't allow glass bottles so don't bait yourself out and arrive with glass bottles which increases your interaction time with security at the gates. Be fully prepared and don't give security any reason to search you in the first place.

Don't bait yourself out with attitude

Be polite and respectful. Chances are security really don't care if you're trying to sneak weed in, they're looking for weapons or harder drugs so be patient and polite when interacting with them and don't give them a reason to look any further or search more vigorously. Unfortunately they're unable to turn a blind eye to banned items of any kind, Cannabis included.

Be confident and relaxed

Don't stress. If you turn up to the gates looking sketchy and jumpy then security will clock on pretty quick you might be hiding something or trying to sneak weed in. Be confident knowing that you've taken every precaution possible.

Other Stash and Storage Solutions to sneak weed into a festival

Really, there are hundreds of other ways of smuggling marijuana into a music event, we'd suggest taking a look at our extensive Stash & Storage products online where you can shop with discrete and next day delivery for free if you spend over £40.

Feel free to give us a call if you need any advice or guidance on any of our products on 01603 760055 or email us at

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