Only a Couple of Days left until our DANK HOLIDAY!

As you know every bank holiday at Bongo is a Dank Holiday and this month is exceptional for it! Our last Dank Holiday of the year and we're giving out more seeds than you can shake a stick at!


Thanks again to Cream of the Crop and Dr Krippling for hooking us up with some tasty strains for you to get your hands on - including an un-released strain that's guaranteed to sit you down.

Dr Krippling's Red Leicester Tease (see image below), Dr Krippling's Narcotic Kush!


This weekend only! From the 26th - 29th of this month, come visit the shop, call us up on the phone, or order online for your chance to bag a whole heap of free seeds!

Oh and don’t let us forget, for every £25 you spend on seeds, you’ll get 2, yes 2! Free seeds on top of the above offer! So if you spend £35, you’ll get 7 freebies, and if you spend £125 on seeds, you’ll get 15 seeds for FREE!


Don't say we don't look after you :P