Wanna Get Milked? Introducing The New Milky Queen Ice Bong @ Ali Bongo.

What is nearly half a meter in height, is the colour of milk and will knock you so flat on your ass you'll think you've been smoking pancake batter?


We're not talking about any palid, pale pricess, this milk-coloured monarch is Queen for a number of reasons:

First up, we've got to mention the 7mm thick glass which forms her beautiful body and neck. Back in the day 5mm was about the thickest you could find in bong glass - today this Queen makes it clear why that was no good: her entire structure is thick and heavy, making her durable and strong. So if this monarch falls, you'll be crying over spilt bong water, not a shattered bong.

Secondly, Whilst she maybe tall (nearly half a meter) her 130mm wide base makes sure that such spills and knocks are less likely to occur. When you've got a heavy bong with a wide base filled with water, you've gotta be a special kind of special to kick her over.

Thirdly, the ice dents allow you to pack this bong full to the brim with cooling cubes. The bong itself gives you a toke that's as creamy as it's own coating, but with that added ice the hit will be smoother that any Prince Charming.

Lastly, it looks freakin' cool. Whether you want to see it as a Calcium King, a Milky Monarch, a Pearl Pricess, or a Jizz-Coloured Bong it's all good, because with the added royal blue, this piece looks sexy as hell and packs a punch.

Check out the Milk Queen right here.