The Dankiest Dank Holiday you've ever seen.

April the 20th; 420 blazin', no-brainin'

That one day all stoners really look forward to but ultimately will just end up doing what they normally do everyday, sittin' round, gettin' high, being creative or just plain lazy; it don't matter though, 420 is your day man, go out, spark up and preach it!

Hyde Park 20th April 2015Hyde Park 20th April 2015

4/20 is important for us here at Ali Bongo, it's like a bank holiday for our community. To celebrate this beautiful day all orders on our website will get FREE shipping! That's worldwide too, with any product you wish; there's no better time to buy that bong you've been eyeing up (they all need a loving home [bongs have feelings too]). A pretty mad offer to be fair, don't miss it!


Let's not get ahead of ourselves though...

Seed lovers, genetic preservationists, collectors; we have something very interesting in store for you. The fun doesn't start on the 20th, it's all happening beforehand too.

We've teamed up with the mighty life-givers Royal Queen Seeds to bring you a seriously head-turning promotion - Dank Holiday

From Friday the 14th of April through to Monday the 17th of April if you spend atleast £35 on our website on seeds you'll be seriously rewarded with FIVE extra free seeds, these aren't your typical freebies though, oh no, you can get your hands on some serious genetics here. Choose between the classic Northern Lights in autoflowering form, or the brain shattering Amnesia Haze Auto. If non-auto's, straight up fems are what you're after we've got you covered with Critcal Fem or the stonkin' Skunk Fem. You can choose 5 of these, mix and match if you like, it's up to you. What really makes this short promotion unbelievable is that this is all on top of our monthly seed promos and breeder specific promos... some serious, serious bang for your buck; smiles all round, what we love to see!


We and Kannabia are a generous bunch

We had a give-away at the end of March and it's pretty safe to say that it went down well!

Our friends over at Kannabia sent us a care-package, ripe with the finest gifts in all of the lands. We thought we'd hold a give-away with all the shinies they sent us to give back some of the love we've received over all the years from our customers, followers and friends for all of their support. It went down so well and some of our followers got some epic merch from ourselves at Kannabia. If you haven't yet Kannabia's international Facebook page too, they are a generous bunch and deserve all the support they can get!