Dual Bowl Oil Bubbler - A Bong for Herb, Soilds and Oil.

Times change. That's why it's laughable to look back at the loaf-of-bread-sized 'mobile' phones from the 1980s when today we have something quite different.

The main reason for this is its versatility. It has separate bowls for herbs and oils - today both are popular but only this product caters for each.

Besides that, it has everything up-to-date stoners want in a bong - a percolator (and it's a unique doughnut-shaped one, which is cool!), a wide base, plenty of room for water AND the neck offers a space for crushed ice.

The Dual Bowl Oil Bubbler is proving very popular in-store and online - and it's easy to see why: it's a unique, high-quality bubbler-bong for oil AND herbs made by Black Leaf that has a price tag of under