Black Friday Deals 2024

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Black Friday Deals

Shop Ali Bongos Black Friday Deals! With a huge selection of quality bongs, grinders, Hookahs & smoking accessories at amazing prices, don’t miss our Black Friday Deals!

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Black Friday Sale

Here you'll find our Black Friday deals on all the most popular brands of bongs, vapes, grinders, and more with incredible discounts and a wide selection to choose from. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or looking for gifts for your friends you'll be able to find a great deal in this section.

Black Friday Bongs Deals

Bongs are one of the most favoured ways of smoking herbs throughout the whole world and there are many different kinds of bongs made for different types of stoners, acrylic bongs, beaker base bongs, percolator bongs, ice bongs, glass bongs, or even silicone bongs; the list is endless and there really is a bong out there, big or small, for every smoker.

With over a dozen bongs in our Black Friday Bongs Sale there has never been a better time to grab a bong at a bargain price with so many great deals to choose from. Different bongs suit different needs and preferences, for example if you're quite a clumsy smoker and can't be trusted with a glass piece then perhaps you'd be best suited to a silicone bong. Find bongs a bit harsh on the throat? Check out our range of percolator bongs with multiple layer of filtration or even an Ice Bong for those super smooth hits.

If you're looking for a Bong with multiple layers of water filtration and a percolator then look no further than our range of Phoenix Star glass pieces, this brand has been quickly gaining popularity and a reputation as being one of the best brands to arrive to the scene in years.

All of our bongs come complete with a drop-pipe and bowl of course, so grab a bong at a bargain today and get the whole package with our UK next day delivery option or other express shipping options.

Not sure what type of bong is best for you? Check out How Guide To Buying Bongs to get the best for your money.

Black Friday Vape Deals

The purest and most discreet way to enjoy your herbs, vaporizers have gained so much popularity in the decade and are quickly becoming the world's favourite way to smoke herbs. Our handheld vaporizers are perfect for the on-the-go vaper with their long life batteries and quick heat up times. We also have Desktop Vaporizers like the Volcano by Storz & Bickel or the Dr Dabber Switch, not quite as portable but unbeatable quality of vapour for your dry herbs and concentrates. If you're looking for all the bells and whistles for your vape we have a huge range of spares & accessories for your vaporizer.

Cutting out the smoke and replacing it with vape? Our black friday vape deals are unmissable. Buy a Crafty+, Storz & Bickels flagship portable hand-held vape for the low price of just £229.95 down from £249.99; massive savings for your vaping needs.

For the vapers who love the old school vaping experience we're also featuring the Dynavap M 2021 edition vape kit with nearly 25% off the price.

Kind find the vaporiser you're looking for here? We have a massive selection of all the best desktop vapes, vape accessories and handheld vapes available all year round with great prices.

Black Friday Grinder Deals

Owning a decent grinder is an absolute essential for any stoner, it helps grind up herbs quickly and easily so you can enjoy them in their best form. There are many different types of grinder out there, the most popular are 2 part grinders and 4 part grinders (which include a crystal catcher or a sift screen). Buying the right brand of grinder is really important too, the most popular brands like Santa Cruz Shredder and Headchef are held in high regard among smokers all over the world for their high quality build and ergonomical design.

Need something upmarket to grind your herbs? We have insane black friday deals on our Hemp Santa Cruz Shredder range with savings of around 35%, now is the best time to buy a new grinder. These awesome Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinders have an amazing grind and are truly eco-friendly.

Even if you're looking for a straight up trust and durable grinder we have the Raw 4 Part Pollinator Metal Grinder on sale for just £19.99.

Other Deals on Smoking Accessories

Keeping your supplies of smoking accessories up is so important for any smoker from the essentials like Rolling Papers, Lighters, Ashtrays and Rolling Trays all the way to Bongs, Vaporizers, Dab Rigs and Scales, you really can't have too many accessories; the more the better!

Can't find what you're looking for in our Black Friday Sale? We have amazing prices and deals all year round whether you're looking for Stash, Bong Accessories, Clothes or a Smoking Pipe you'll always be able to find a bargain to purchase in our Sale Section.

Black Friday Express Delivery Available

Need your bargain buy in a hurry? We offer all sorts of delivery options and can delivery pretty much anything worldwide!

If your order is £40 or over make use of our FREE SHIPPING (UK customers only) or we have Next Day Delivery options available too for low prices.

All of our orders are packed by our very own dedicatedpacking team who will ensure your package gets to you safe and sound and is totally discreet.

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