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Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Grinders

Santa Cruz Shredders are engineered to absolute perfection, so much so that we would consider them to be the best grinder brand money can buy. When it comes to other grinders there's just no comparison in terms of protection, durability, quality of that perfect fluffy grind and smoothness, and there are many reasons why!

Revolutionary Tooth Design

Santa Cruz Shredder California utilizes an incredibly intricate computer programme to perfect the teeth in their herb grinders called Siemens CAD Software. This not only ensures each one of their grinders has those distinctive diamond-shaped teeth but also safeguards against the teeth getting dull with tiny bits of aluminium falling into your herbs, which can be a typical feature of other cheaper grinders on the market. With this innovative new tooth design, you'll never have to worry about the teeth starting to become blunt over time and you can save yourself smoking tiny pieces of metal which is not only unhealthy but toxic!

With this revolutionary tooth design comes a massive seal of approval from us at Ali Bongo. The teeth just don't seem to ever blunt, even after years and years of use these iconic grinders will still create the perfect fluff when grinding your herbs thanks to the innovative new tooth design.

Unique Threading Pattern

One problem with lots of different herb grinder on the market is how finicky and frustrating it can be to thread the individual parts together or apart. Santa Cruz Shredder has the answer to this problem with their development of a unique threading pattern that eliminates all the damage caused by two metals sliding in contact with each other. You'll notice immediately when you thread your Santa Cruz Shredder just how easy and seamless it is; no more of that horrible scraping feeling that causes unnecessary wear & tear.

Superior Grip

One reason Santa Cruz Shredders are so popular with medical patients is the knurled grip featured on the top part of the grinder which is super-pronounced and effective, especially when compared to other products. Using this grip the user can get a buttery smooth motion easily when grinding herbs by hand which is perfect for patients with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome to name just a couple of conditions.

Super Strength Screens

Santa Cruz Shredder use T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screens (What a mouth full!) on their 4-piece grinders. The micron on these screens is high meaning the holes between the screen are teeny-tiny which stops any impurities such as dirt, bug parts, contaminants and fertilizer from falling into your crystal collecting compartment. The screens are put in place using a drum-skintight screen capturing design which means maximum durability and no stretching and warping.

Highest Quality Magnets

Santa Cruz Shredder use a Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnet in their grinders to ensure a reliable lid closure system everytime, this of course prevents spillage and even some odours that may escape. This rare earth magnet is an absolute game changer when it comes to choosing which grinder to purchase because so many products on the market use inferior magnets that eventually start to flake-off their protective coating. Santa Cruz Shredder are so confident in this magnet that they say they are guaranteed for life; these guys don't mess around when it comes to the best lid closure system available for grinders.

The Best Friction Rings

Using a Delrin friction ring on every one of their anodized aluminum grinders, Santa Cruz Shredder understand and have analyzed that the best grinders should feel easy and smooth when grinding in both directions. These o-rings ensure that friction is massively reduced whilst also protecting the top edges of the sliding parts. Delrin was chosen because it has excellent resistant to moisture and is chemically resistant meaning you can even clean this friction ring with isopropyl alcohol.

Ultrasonically Cleansed

Santa Cruz Shredder USA use extra-strict Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleansing which includes using high frequency sound waves and a medical-grade cleaning solution which penetrates all the blind holes, cracks and tiny tiny recesses within the grinder. This process thoroughly removes all traces of dirt, dust, toxic machining lubricants, grease, fingerprints and other compounds that would simply be left uncleaned by other manufacturers, instead they would typically dunk the grinders in days-out buckets of soap and rinse them off with water, such a low standard of finishing touches is not an option with Santa Cruz Shredder USA.

Truly Scratch Resistant

By using the process of anodizing, Santa Cruz Shredder California have perfected the scratch resistant aspect of their grinders. Anodizing creates a super strong protective coating that protects against corrosion, bumps, falls and scratches and not only bonds to the service of the grinder but actually becomes the new surface molecularly. Comparable grinders use raw aluminum which is not only unsanitary but also means they are more susceptible and prone to scratches and cross-threading.

Are Santa Cruz Grinders Worth the Money?

Yes, absolutely! Every step of the manufacturing process that Santa Cruz Shredder USA undertake is carried out so meticulously that we're sure no other brand of grinder goes through the same rigorous process and testing. Buying a Santa Cruz grinder is like investing in the future as with the correct care and respect these grinders should last you a lifetime.

Santa Cruz Grinders may be more expensive than other metal grinders but they are on a whole other level of quality in comparison; the revolutionary tooth design, threading pattern, superior grip, strong screens, rare earth magnetic, cleaning process, scratch resistance are what completely set Santa Cruz Shredder USA apart from the crowd.

What Santa Cruz Grinder Should I Buy?

Santa Cruz Shredder have grinders many pieces, parts and sizes, each one suiting different needs for smokers, depending on how light you want to travel, level of fluffiness and the fineness of your herbs, amount of herbs that needs to be ground; smokers use grinders in all different types of ways so it's good to weigh up the pros and cons of each type of Santa Cruz Grinder.

2-Piece Santa Cruz Grinders

2-Part Santa Cruz grinders feature just the two grinding components and are absolutely perfect if you just want something small and light to travel with, or, if you grind your herbs up to be used in a vaporizer. The reason being that you can keep on grinding until you reach the desired finess of your herbs, this can be done with 3-piece and 4-piece santa cruz grinders by turning the grinder upside down, but if collection chambers and crystal catchers aren't your thing then the 2-piece Santa Cruz Shredder is for you.

3-Piece Santa Cruz Grinders

3-part Santa Cruz Grinders feature two grinding components and an added collection chamber. Once your herbs are thoroughly grounded and fluffed they will fall down into the collection chamber, this makes them super easy to transfer into your rolling papers, vapes, bong bowls, etc.

4-Piece Santa Cruz Grinders

4-part Santa Cruz Grinders have an added crystal catcher compartment aswell as the grinding and collecting compartments and are generally considered the best type of Santa Cruz Grinder because they have all the available features in one grinder.

The crystal catcher compartment sits just below the collection chamber and slowly collects pollen and kief through the screen between the two compartments.

40mm Small Santa Cruz Grinders

40mm Small Santa Cruz Shredders are the smallest grinder available, this is indicated by the diameter of the grinder (so measured all the way across). These Small Santa Cruz Shredders are super portable and have a certain charm about them because they are small and subtle. A small 40mm Santa Cruz Grinder should be able to comfortably grind around 0.5g of herbs at a time which is a pretty perfect amount for rolling papers, pipes and bong bowls.

52mm Medium Santa Cruz Grinders

52mm Medium Santa Cruz Shredders are the medium size in the Santa Cruz Shredder collection and are a happy medium between portability and amount of herbs you can grind at any given time. We would say that the medium 52mm Santa Cruz Shredders can comfortably grind up 1g at a time; idealfor rolling larger blunts, rolling papers, and packing a large bowl.

70mm Large Santa Cruz Grinders

70mm Large Santa Cruz Shredders are of course the largest size of the Santa Cruz Shredder collection and are desired for the sheer volume of herbs. These large santa cruz herb grinders are quite heavy at 250 grams but they will comfortably grind around 3g of herbs at a time; an astounding capability and a party starter when you're hosting a smoke-up with friends.

Santa Cruz Grinders UK on Sale

At Ali Bongo we have all sizes, pieces, parts and colours of the Santa Cruz Shredder collection available for discrete delivery in and out of the UK. UK orders of £40 or over get free delivery and we have many next day delivery options available so you can get your Santa Cruz grinder lightning fast.

Unsure which Santa Cruz Grinder to purchase? Just get in touch with us, with over 30 years in the industry we're more than happy to give honest recommendations and advice at anytime!

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