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Ceramic Bongs are an excellent choice of bong whether you’re looking for your first piece or your tenth. Ceramic Bongs have a good taste and retain heat well and often are available in a massive range of weird and beautiful designs such as our best-selling Yoda Bong and Cock Bong.

What is a Ceramic Bong?

Ceramic Bongs are made from clay and are fired in a kiln, these water pipes are the oldest type of bong and have been used to smoke herbs for thousands and thousands of years. Ceramic Bongs can be moulded into pretty much any shape with an endless choice of colours and styles which give the manufacturer complete freedom of creativity which leads to many weird and wonderful designs.

Almost every Ceramic Bong has a unique look which makes them a fun decorative item too. Some smokers even collect ceramic bongs just to display in their home like an ornament.

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What are the different parts on a Ceramic Bong?

Ceramic Bongs whilst in themselves are unique per design many have the same common features that would be found on a glass bong or acrylic bong for example. This means they are just as easy to use but it's good to be clued up on the different parts of a ceramic bong:-

  • Mouthpiece - Usually found at the top of the bong, the mouthpiece is where you form a seal with your lips to inhale the herbs once combusted.
  • Bowl - The bowl is where the herb is contained, simply pack and load it in there and once ready ignite with a lighter, we'd recommend using screens or gauze with your bowl so that your herb doesn't fall through into the bong.
  • Water Chamber - This is where the water goes into your bong to create bubbles and filtration. Using water in your bong will result in a cleaner and smoother hit, it's pretty much essential to use water in your bong, compare it to not using water and you'll soon see why!
  • Drop Pipe - The drop pipe acts as the middleman between the bowl and the water chamber and is where the smoke directly travels after lighting the bowl. A ceramic bong generally has an aluminium drop pipe, the length of drop pipe needed varies and depends on the size of the bong.
  • Carb Hole (Kick Hole) - The Carb Hole (Or Kick Hole depending on how you refer to it) allows you to control the airflow inside your bong. A ceramic bong usually has a carb hole but it may depend on the piece you buy.

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How to Use a Ceramic Bong

Smoking a ceramic bong is really easy and you only need a low amount of experience to use a ceramic bong so even a complete beginner will have no problems using one.

  1. Fill with Water - Easy; fill your ceramic bong with water from the top, you want the water level to stop just above where the drop pipe sits. If you have a beaker base bong you'll be able to add lots of water.
  2. Pack the Bowl - Load up the bowl with your herb, not too compact but so there is enough airflow throughout for an even burn. We'd recommending using a grinder to shred up your smoking material.
  3. Hold down the Carb Hole - This will mean that once you start inhaling the air will be pulled through the bowl which forces the smoke up.
  4. Form a Seal on the Mouthpiece - You want to make a tight seal with your lips on the inside of the mouthpiece.
  5. Light the bowl and Inhale - This will force smoke out of the bowl, past the water and into the central chamber of the bong.
  6. Release the Carb Hole and Draw - Let go of the carb hole and take a big inhale to clear the bong. Congratulations, you just took a hit from your bong; what a treat!

The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Bongs

Like all materials each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whatever material of bongs you're purchasing or shopping for it's always best to know the good and bad.

Advantages of Ceramic Bongs

  • Easy to Clean - Ceramics are notoriously easy to clean and because they are slightly more durable than glass bongs you can go to town with the scrubbing and cleaning. Regular cleaning with dedicated cleaning supplies will make your smoking sessions so much more enjoyable, nothing puts a bigger smile on a bong user's face more than a crystal clean bong.
  • Smooth and Cool Smoking - Ceramic bongs absorb a lot of the heat from the smoke quicker than your typical glass bongs or acrylic bongs meaning the hits will be less harsh and much cooler (much like ice bongs).
  • Cheap Price Tags - A ceramic bong typically comes at a much lower purchase price when compared to other materials of bong, this opens up your horizons when looking to place an order for one online.
  • Great Taste - Ceramic is really easy to keep clean so you'll get the pure flavour from your herbs.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Bongs

Fragile - Just like all other bong materials (apart from Silicone Bongs) ceramic is by nature a fragile material.

  • Not Very Portable - Because of the fragile nature of ceramic it's not ideal for travelling with.
  • Limited Features - lots of ceramic bongs lack top-end features such as percolators that are found on the best bongs and are quite basic as far as functionality goes.

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Ceramic Bongs on Sale

Here at Ali Bongo we've been proud to ceramic bongs which have been about since centuries ago, the choice of different styles of ceramic bongs is amazing and most ceramic bongs are hand made, which is another reason we stand behind them. What makes these water pipes a must have whether its your first bong or your tenth is the value for money, choice of painted colours and design and the smoking experience, the water filtration allows for smoother hits (especially when adding ice cubes) and because of their decorative aspect you could easily hide them in plain sight. Ceramic Bongs are also exceptionally easy to use and there's not much need for accessories apart from the drop pipe and bowl of course.

We have dozens of Ceramic Bongs available with  free discreet shipping for UK orders over £40. We also have next day delivery options available. If you're a complete newbie to the world of bongs and want to know how much you should pay for a good bong, feel free to give us a call on (+44)1603 760055 to speak to an expert, or, check out our what is a bong blog.

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