Ash Catchers & Pre-Coolers

Our Ash catchers & pre-coolers will greatly enhance your bong smoking experience and cool, filter and diffuse your bong hits to ensure a smooth and crisp smoke as well as keeping your glass bongs much cleaner in the long run.

What is an Ash Catcher?

 Ash catchers are an attachment that fits onto the ground joint of your drop pipe or down stems, the bowl then fits onto the top of the ash catcher. This means that the ash catcher sits in between the bowl and the drop pipe. There are many benefits to this, most notably the ash catcher stops ash from going into your bong which prevents your precious bong from quickly getting dirty.

An ash catcher will also greatly improve your smoking experience because it reduces the amount of tar that gets into the bong and is inhaled along with your hit, therefore making the smoke smoother and less harsh.

What is a Pre-Cooler?

A pre-cooler is very similar to an ash catcher, in fact, they are often mentioned within the same breath which makes sense but they both function slightly differently.

Whilst a pre-cooler will also reduce the amount of tar, dirt and ash getting into your bong and eventually being inhaled it will also cool down your smoke because they have a capacity for water. Many pre-coolers also act as percolators and have built-in filters, further diffusing your hits and smoke resulting in a super smooth and satisfying bong hit.

What's the Difference Between Pre-Coolers and Ash Catchers?

Despite the obvious similarities between pre-coolers and ash catchers, there are some important differences:-

Ash Catchers

  • Stops ash from getting into your bong
  • Reduces the amount of tar inhaled
  • Often dry and shouldn't be filled with water

Pre Coolers

  • Stops ash from getting into your bong
  • Reduces the amount of tar inhaled
  • Often filled with water
  • Filters and cools down the smoke
  • Often features a diffuser or percolator

Is a Pre-Cooler Essential for my Bong?

Not necessarily, but, it will greatly improve your bong smoking experience, especially when filled with water because the liquid will assist in filtering your hits so they are cool and smooth.

Most pre-coolers also contain a percolator too which adds a whole layer of filtration to your bong, some are so effective that they pretty much convert your regular bong into a percolator bong.

What Pre-Cooler or Ash Catcher Should I Buy?

There are some important things to consider when purchasing pre-coolers and ash catchers

  • Get the Right Ground Joint Size - This is obviously super important. Your pre-coolers and ash catchers need to be compatible with the ground joint size of your bong or drop pipe and your bong bowl.
  • Get the Right Angle - often overlooked, you need to find an angle that works in order to use an ash catcher effectively. Some ash catchers are designed to attach to bongs 45 degrees, whereas some are manufactured to attach at 90 degrees.
  • Consider Stability - Pre-coolers and ash catchers protrude from your ground joint or drop pipe in your bong so it's worth considering how well your bong will be able to balance with the extra weight on one side.

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