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*A New Dawn* The FULL Report on Spannabis 2014

  Tales of paradise, oil dabbing, shaking hands with celebs and … a brand new Amsterdam? Almost certainly, says our man on the ground at Spannabis 2014. As many of you will know, last weekend saw the festival of Spannabis return to the glorious city of Barcelona in Spain. It will also appear on the […]

2012 Cannabis Cup. Ali Bongo Hits Amsterdam!

It’s that time of year again when we all have to give thanks for the world we live in…. No, I’m not talking about the American celebration of Thanksgiving, but about the High Times Cannabis Cup, which has just been held in the grand ol’ city of Amsterdam. Last year was an interesting one, but […]

Big Buddha Silver Cheese Has Landed. New Feminised Cannabis Seeds…

Well, what you do is this: You take one of the world’s most popular and delightfully tasty cannabis strains, Super Silver Haze, and you ponder just what it is that it would go nicely with. Then, if you’re a cannabis breeding genius, you cross it with Big Buddha’s original Cheese strain. Boom. Luckily for us, […]

New Cannabis Strain! Buddha Tahoe hits the shelves. And it’s quite a hit!

In recent years, so many new strains have become available. They’re being produced by countless new breeders and sold on an ever-growing spectrum of new websites – so in an era of rapid production, multiple crosses, un-known brands and shadowy genetics, it’s good to have something of genuine substance. Buddha’s Tahoe is just that something. […]