Start of May Dank Holiday

Start of May Dank Holiday

How time flies; May is already upon us, and our start of May Dank Holiday is kicking off!


This time we’ve teamed up with iconical Spanish breeders Delicious Seeds to bring you yet again another weekend of amazing promotions and quality genetics for free!

Delicious Seeds' Cotton Candy Kush

Delicious Seeds’ Cotton Candy Kush

Delicious Seeds put all of their efforts into providing pleasurable experiences when it comes to their genetics, to achieve this they’ve selected only the finest varieties to work with. Stabilising them over the years has earnt them the heavyweight reputation that they have today and has given collectors and growers all over the world some of the most aromatic, flavoursome and vigorous genetics known to ganja-kind.

Delicious Seeds' Golosa

Delicious Seeds’ Golosa

Our Dank Holiday Offer

Alongside our usual monthly offer (1 free seed per £25 spent up to £125) we’ll be kicking off May with a kushty deal on our seed website


Spend £40 on our seed website from the 3rd – 6th of May 2019 and get 5 free seeds, plus, for every additional £10 spent you’ll get another free seed up to £100. In short; spend £100 with us this weekend and get 14 free seeds including our monthly promotional offer.

I know man, this is nuts.

Keep it together man, the people are looking to us!

Delicious Seeds have graciously offered up their Sugar Candy Feminised and Auto Dark Purple for all of our loyal customers to enjoy. If Easter hasn’t satisfied your sweet tooth, this should do the trick.

Sugar Candy Feminised

Is it snowing in here?

Is it snowing in here?

A long time ago at Delicious Seeds HQ, their team of established breeders thought to themselves “What makes the perfect strain?”. They knew it had to be an Indica / Sativa hybrid with the best of both characteristics, an out of this world flavour and some serious bag appeal.

Sugar Candy was born after choosing 2 of the very best Sugar Black Rose and Caramelo specimens. The result? A plant that redefines the meaning of bouquet; it’s taste and aroma are so complex that at times you only have to be in the same room to feel high one minute and relaxed the next. Sugar Candy takes you on a trip through the inside worlds of Caramelo and Sugar Black Rose.

Auto Dark Purple

Royal Gal.

Royal Gal.

With great demand for purple strains around the world of cannabis came an even greater response from Delicious Seeds. If you love Kush genetics then Auto Dark Purple is the strain for you. Coming to life from an OG Kush crossed with an autoflowering Purple Kush and worked up to the 5th generation, Auto Dark Purple is an almost totally stable strain and manages to practically maintain the aroma Delicious Seeds sought after in almost 100% of each plant. It’s a grateful strain, easy, forgiving, compact, dense and has a perfect canopy.

Both of these exceptional varieties are up for grabs this weekend for free, aswell as many more from our monthly promotional offers.

Our monthly offer runs alongside our Dank Holiday

Our monthly offer runs alongside our Dank Holiday

There’s no better time to grab your seeds. Visit to start browsing now!

All of us here at Ali Bongo wish you an awesome Bank Holiday Weekend

Peace & Love


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