So all you thrifty tokers should be smuggly rubbing thumb and forefinger together in the revelation that we now have a SALE section on our website! WOOP WOOP!!

Prices slashed, numbers crunched and no sign of  any annoying money saving gurus anywhere!

Its all pretty straight forward –

1) Go to

2) Scroll down to the new SALE section

3) Check out all the discounted stuff

4) Make a selection and let the money saving endorphin’s flood your brain, pour into your arms and drain down into your fingers as you reach for the plastic. That smoke is gonna be all the more sweeter!

We have tons of items on offer – Cannabis Seeds, lighters, Cannabis Cookies, Grinders, Dread stuff, Books & loads more! So go on, save yourself a cheeky fiver today!

Click the link to hit the sales!

Click the link to hit the sales!


Click the link to hit the sales!

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