End of May Dank Holiday with Kannabia Seeds

End of May Dank Holiday with Kannabia Seeds

We love Kannabia. Over the many years they’ve been in the industry they’ve gained a huge following from delivering the highest quality genetics, listening to feedback, stabilising old school classics as well as creating their own exceptional strains.


We are honoured to have Kannabia on board with our End of May Dank Holiday. Their generosity means that our loyal customers gain access to 4 strains of the highest quality, for free!

Here’s the Deal

Spend £40 or over between the 24th of May – 27th of May on Alibongocannabisseeds.co.uk and get 5 free Kannabia strains.


For every additional £10 you spend you’ll get another free Kannabia strain, up to a maximum of 10 free seeds (£100).


This also runs alongside our usual monthly promotion where for every £25 you spend you get a free seed, up to a maximum of 5 free seeds.


This means that if you spend £40 with us you’ll walk away with 6 free seeds. Spend £100 with us and get 14 free seeds!

We have over 4000 strains to browse on our website

The Strains from Kannabia

Kannabia have been exceptionally generous and have sent us 4 different varieties for our customers to collect (Or grow, if you’re in a country where that’s legal of course!).

Cookies Haze

With a THC content tipping the scales at a body-dropping 25%, Cookies Haze ensures a full-on intense soaring sativa high with deliciously sweet and fruity tastes reminiscent of gummy bears. Perfect for getting creative in the day-time Cookies Haze produces huge compact nugs that are covered in a frosty layer of resins.

*Heavy breathing*

*Heavy breathing*

With it’s old-school parentage of Afghan x Super Silver Haze, Cookies Haze is a fast flowering strain at 50-60 days, yields 550 – 600gr/m2, grows up to 200cm and outside can provide a bountiful scale tipping harvest of up to 800gr/plant.

Kannabia-Cookies-Haze-Square-IG-Cannabis-Seeds-Weed-Ganja-Beans-Feminised-Autoflowering-Grow copy

Purchase your Kannabia Seeds- Cookies Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds here


Delivering some of the most luscious and vibrant emerald and lime green-buds known to canna-kind, Kritikal-K is a resinous workhorse. This narcotic Indica dominant strain has a powerful relaxing effect that is delivered after indulging in the strong sweet, fruity taste with a lemon-sorbet aroma.


Kritikal-K is one of the heaviest yielding strains available in the world of cannabis with a collosal 650g/m2 indoors or a 800gr/plant outdoors, this is all thanks to it’s Northern Lights x Critical heritage. Expect a lightning fast 50 – 55 days flowering time, or, if you’re outdoorsy be ready to collect the fruits of your labour in Mid September (northern hemisphere). The yield is so vast that you’ll definitely want to consider bracing and supporting the pressure of those mesmerizing buds.

Kannabia-Kritikal-K-Square-IG-Cannabis-Seeds-Weed-Ganja-Beans-Feminised-Autoflowering-Grow copy

Speedy Boom Auto

If you’re into your lowryders, you simply have to try Speedy Boom. This Autoflowering variety packs a punch with it’s sky-high sativa feelings of happiness, it’s highly psychoactive and has large dense buds that have an indulgently old school taste that simply fills the palette from the get-go.


If you’re looking to get into your first grow (or start your collection if growing is illegal in your country) then Speedy Boom is an excellent choice, it’s so easy to grow and has great resilience and is mould, pest and disease resistant thanks to it’s pure breed parentage of Kaboom x Ruderalis; a very stable plant. That being said, the 180gr/plant yield and 65 – 70 day period from seed to harvest is very tempting for expert growers and even cash croppers / commercial growers.

Kannabia-Speedy-Boom-Auto-Square-IG-Cannabis-Seeds-Weed-Ganja-Beans-Feminised-Autoflowering-Grow copy

Baby Boom

High yields, a bouquet of colours, shades and hues, serious bag appeal and the perfect stoned effect really does sum up the autoflowering legend that is Baby Boom. This small but lethal Indica dominant variety has a whole rainbow of colours ranging from green, blue, to purple and has a massive flavour spectrum of pine, earth, sweet and sour plum jam. It’s the perfect combination of mindful / cerebral relaxation and physical relaxation (or couch lock).


monumental 200gr/plant outside and monstrous 500gr/m2 yields can be expected from this not so innocent Baby Boom. This wonderful strain’s height averages out at around 80 – 150cm with a seed to harvest time of 55 – 60 days, setting this strain far above from what is expected of autoflowers. She’s easy to grow, is mould, pest and disease resistant and absorbs light like a lizard in the desert sun. Kannabia created this vast autoflower from a crossing of Northern Lights x Blueberry x Ruderalis.

Kannabia-Baby-Boom-Auto-Square-IG-Cannabis-Seeds-Weed-Ganja-Beans-Feminised-Autoflowering-Grow copy

Purchase your Kannabia Seeds – Baby Boom Auto Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds here.

This is But A Drop in the Ocean

If you’re impressed with these prestigious strains from Kannabia, you really should check out the full range here, they have a large variety; we really recommend checking it out and swear by Kannabia Seeds. Not only are their strains stable and of the highest quality, they run a tight-shift and really are the loveliest of people who support  legalisation actively around the world (UK included!) so it’s important they are well-supported by our awesome customers.

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Questions and Assistance

If you have any questions about our Dank Holiday please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team. We are here to help.

Email: Admin@alibongo.co.uk
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Have a Great Bank Holiday Weekend from us of the Bongo Crew 🙂




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