All New Tasty Genetics


Summer time has been an exceptionally busy time here at #BongoHQ. We’ve seen the release of many new incredible strains, waiting to be enjoyed by the masses and the return of  infamous gems thought to have been lost in the echoes of time!

All New Tasty Genetics

Dr Krippling


Dr Krippling are the UK’s fastest growing seedbank and it’s no wonder why; just take a look at some of their taste tantalising strains like Blue Kripple, Bud Bud Bling Tingz and Incredible bulk. Team Krippling are on a mission and thanks to their breeders’ techniques and knowledge from generations of farming it seems for now they have accomplished it with the release of 3 of the dankest strains of 2017 so far:-

Guy’s Girl Scout Cookie Glue A.K.A. GGG1 Auto Fem

'Dem Buds

‘Dem Buds

Whilst stabilising this strain with the GHA (Grand Heft Auto) a number of times, Dr Krippling also crossed a generation with a tasty, resin filled Girl Scout Cookies Auto… the result? Triple G1 A.K.A. Guy’s Girl Scout Cookie Glue. This lady is the heavier yielder of the Triple G range with up to 115g/plant, she’s also damn strong with a very high THC level! Check out GGG1 here

Gorilla Infested Gelato A.K.A. GGG2 Auto Fem

Green as a bullfrog, sticky as glue

Green as a bullfrog, sticky as glue

Crossing their very own GHA x Gorilla Glue auto plant with a Gelato has had incredible effect, the flowers on Triple G 2 A.K.A. Gorilla Infested Gelato are truly resinous beauties and the leaf to bud ratio is very impressive. With very high THC Levels, an 8 Week Flowering Time and up to 100g/plant GGG2 is set to be a winner! Check out GGG2 here

Gelato Cookie D’oh-pe A.K.A. GGG3 Auto Fem

Terpz 4 Dayz

Terpz 4 Dayz

Another GHA cross; you get the jist of it. GHA was selected due to it’s main characteristics, those being a) big composition and b) heavy composition, add this with the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato and you end up with an exceptionally special lady. Gelato Cookie D’oh-pe A.K.A. Triple G 3 is the lower yielder of the new range of G’s but she makes up for it with those astounding terpenes and short flowering time of 7 weeks. Check out GGG3 here

Barney’s Farm


The passion and commitment of Barney’s Farm is incredible, this is totally reflected in their world wide search to provide new and exciting feminised cannabis strains. These guys are one to look out for, they’re always on the cutting edge of culture, pushing the industry to create the biggest and very best genetics and it’s pretty damn clear the summer of 2017 has been no exception to this rule.

Tangerine Dream Autoflowering Limited Edition

What. A. Treat.

What. A. Treat.

Anybody who has tried the coffeeshop classic Tangerine Dream has fallen in love with it, it’s literally the best of both worlds for smokers with a sweet citrus tang and some very intense aromas. Tangerine Dream Auto has retained those amazing terpenes and relaxing effect but has slightly less THC and a CBD boost which enhances that cerebral relaxing effect. Be quick to get your hands on it though, Tangerine Dream Auto is a limited edition strain, there’s no telling how long she’ll be about for in seed form. Check her out here

Peyote Critical Feminised Limited Edition

Grab 'em while they're still hot

Grab ’em while they’re still hot

Something special has been conjured in Barney’s lab. Peyote Critical Feminised is an exclusive limited edition pure Indica hybrid. created by crossing a select Peyote Purple and Critical Kush, this beauty combines all the raw power of the Critical Kush with the notorious sweet flavour and amazing colours of Peyote Purple; a match made in heaven. The result is a short flowering time, exceptional yields and highly resistant genes, it’s almost like there’s a natural force field surrounding her. And the smell and taste? deliciously sweet and earthy with a hint of aged wood and sweet coffee. Check her out here

Dutch Passion

dutch-passion-breeder-mainDutch Passion are one of the oldest seedbanks out there, and one of the few remaining originals with their work starting in the 70’s. You’ll find a huge variety in Dutch Passion’s genetics; Photoperiods, Autoflowers, Regs, there’s something for everybody. If you really fancy a piece of variety from Dutch Passion there are also mix packs. With strains like Auto Colorado Cookies, Think Different, Frisian Duck and The Ultimate it’s no wonder how Dutch Passion are still one of the leaders in the industry.


Auto Orange Bud

Fruits of the Gods!

Fruits of the Gods!

Extra special care went into creating this fruity beauty, rest assured. The master breeder at DP HQ responsible for some of the best autoflowering genetics they offer (Auto Mazar, Auto Ultimate, Auto Daiquire lime) bought Auto Orange Bud to life (great job, sir) by using a select male Auto Daiquiri Lime and a supreme Orange Bud photoperiod plant over a dozen generations, selecting only the finest. This project took 3 years and it’s clear it was worth it when you look at those fruity buds, Dutch Passion say it’s just as good as the original photoperiod Orange bud in terms of potence, quality and aroma/taste, so much so that their experienced test panel couldn’t even notice the difference in a blind test. Check her out here

*heavy breathing*

*heavy breathing*

*more heavy breathing*

*more heavy breathing*

T.H. Seeds


MK Ultra, Critical Hog, Strawberry Glue, the Original Bubblegum are just a few gems that T H Seeds have made available to the masses. Team T H have always been on the cutting edge of New School Cannabis Genetics and were born at a time when almost everything had a Northern Lights gene somewhere down the line; these guys have come a long way and have pioneered in the industry.


Darkstar Feminised

Come to the dank side, Luke

‘Come to the dank side, Luke’

Although Darkstar isn’t a new, new, new strain, it is the latest variety to join T H Seed’s fleet. It has been deeply missed for some time. We are very pleased to announce that she is back! This MEGA indica not only grows rediculously dense buds but trust us when we say that the potency is out of this damn world. She’s great for pain relief, appetite enhancement and other world activities. With a 60 day flowering time and 400 – 500 grams per square meter, she’s a winner! Grab Darkstar now and get 2 free Sage n Sour fems (whilst stock lasts) here

The ring is mine... wait, wrong movie

‘The ring is mine’… wait, wrong movie


dinafem-seeds-breeder-mainDinafem have a huge variety of feminised and autoflowering seeds although as of late their medicinal strains such as Dinamed CBD, Early Amnesia CBD and Critical + CBD have been catching the attention of connoisseurs worldwide. Their genetics are always powerful, productive and stable.

Remo Chemo Feminised

Amazing structure

Amazing structure

Remo Chemo is the newest addition to Dinafem’s arsenal. Bred for it’s medicinal purposes, she’s a feminised Indica-dominant plant born from a collaboration with the legendary Canadian cannabis grower Urban Remo, a real high-flyer within the cannabis field. She was created after crossing a UUBC Chemo with a regular Bubba Kush male. A truly potent and stable strain with major therapeutic properties and a high THC content, flowering in just 65 – 70 days. Check Remo Chemo out here

Connoisseur Genetics

connoisseur-genetics-breeder-mainConnoisseur Genetics have been using cuts from many popular strains around the world and have caused quite a stir with strains such as North London Church Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies and the infamous SSSDH (Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze). CG are a fairly new seedbank but are fast growing, their seeds are popular here at Ali Bongo and we love their genetics! There are plenty new strains released by these guys.



Strawberry N Mango Feminised

Those colours!

Those colours!

For this beauty of a Hybrid, CG took their Strawberry Cookie which has a very cookie cominant strain with that sweet strawberry flavour and slapped it up with the reversed Silver Nevil pollen to create a mouth-watering hybrid. She throws out Strawberry Mango phenos which are just delighful and has a 9-10 week flowering time. Check out Strawberry and Mango here.

There are plenty more new strains from Connoisseur Genetics that you should check out on our site here, all exceedingly tasty!

Keep your eyes peeled onto our seedwebsite for many more new strains and returning ones, who knows… The legendary Gorilla Glue #4 just might make an appearance in the not-s0-distant future.

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Peace and Love from all of the #BongoCrew


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