Santa Cruz Shredders – What Makes These Grinders So Good?

Santa Cruz Shredders – What Makes These Grinders So Good?

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Santa Cruz Shredders are engineered to perfection. After carefully analyzing the inner working of how a proper tooth design should work, the guys at Santa Cruz Shredder used a special computer program to invent the most ‘perfect’ shredding tooth design ever conceived by man!

Santa Cruz Shredders aren’t about the sharp teeth; these can dull over time and are full of burrs and tiny flakes of aluminium which can constantly fall into your collecting chamber which you end up smoking (which is really not what we want) and sharp edged teeth also require a lot of effort to start turning, not good for those with joint problems (pun intended). Instead, Santa Cruz Shredders are all about the shredding, or ‘fluffing’; the teeth are radius at the base which not only gives them amazing strength but also they are able to withstand extreme use, they’re twice as strong, will never dull and never release burrs or flakes of aluminium. Comparable grinders cut one which lets bb-sized chunks pass through the holes without further grinding whereas Santa Cruz Shredders are designed to cut multiple ways, which include clearances of both sizes of the teeth, not slicing or smashing the herbs but causing it to consistently ‘fluff’ to perfection!

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But it’s not all about the teeth, there’s a lot more to a grinder than the teeth!

Superior Grip

Santa Cruz Shredder prides itself as the very best grinder available for medical patients. The ‘Knurled’ grip is much more pronounced than other grinders, improving hand and finger grip. Not only can you see the superior grip pattern it’s that well textured but you can also actually feel how much easier it is to turn; it’s a breeze, much less resistance to other grinders, it’s butter smooth.

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Superior Screens / Gauze

Santa Cruz Shredder uses T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screens (try saying that over and over again as fast as you can). This is the most optimal micron size of any grinder on the market, meaning that it’s the perfect size for filtering out impurities such as dirt, fertilizer, bug parts etc before the herb and crystals reach your final pollen compartment. Additionally, all Santa Cruz Shredder screens are securing using a skin-tight screen capturing design, pulling the screen tight in all directions before permanently looking into place; no warping, no stretching, no popping out and no adjustments needed!

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Superior Magnets

The way Santa Cruz Shredder works to decontaminate all of their grinders is superb. They have strict Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleaning procedures which used high frequency sound waves and a medical-grade solution to remove ALL contaminates. This action penetrates blind holes, cracks and even the tiniest recesses; thoroughly removing all traces of contamination tightly adhering to any surface (this includes dust, dirt, toxic machining lubricants, grease, fingerprints and toxic polishing compounds).  Literally, could a grinder be any cleaner? I mean, they use this method and procedure in the medical industry to disinfect medical instruments before surgical procedures, you won’t find a cleaner grinder; Santa Cruz Shredder – clean as a surgeons scalpel!

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Scratch Resistant

Anodizing really is the only way to go when making the perfect grinder (or shredder!). Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to create a strong and protective coat for aluminium that prevents corrosion, wear resistance and ‘galling’ (or failing) of threaded parts. After Santa Cruz Shredder put their grinders through an acid bath they suspend them in special tanks that pass an electrical current through the item creating a strong protective surface (if you heard this out of context would you ever think we’re talking about grinders? No of course not, this is some space age shizzle!). Anodizing changes the microscopic texture of the surface and changes the crystal structure of the aluminium near the surface, it not only bonds to the surface, but it actually molecularly becomes the new surface.

Santa Cruz Shredders’ ultra-high quality grinders are the only ones that are truly scratch resistant, using aerospace anodizing techniques for protection. Other grinders are raw aluminium, which are not only unsanitary but are also highly susceptible to scratches, scross-threating and are only polished which just provides a temporary illusion of quality.

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Each of the Crystal Catcher Santa Cruz Shredders come with their own little scraper for collecting and the moving around of the kief / pollen / crystals in the crystal catcher compartment. Much better than using a little piece of cardboard or roach!

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The Whole Range

Here at Ali Bongo we’ve stocked the whole range bar one or two designs for many years, they’ve proven to be exceptionally popular and our customers admit they make a life-long companion! To browse the whole extensive range check it out here on our website, Some are even on Sale.

Remember to add the code ‘INSTAFAM’ to the comments section of your order for some extra goodies!

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If you’re close by you must pop into the shop and say hi! Just ask one of our friendly and welcoming staff members for a look and you can get your hands around one before you buy it to see which size suits you best.

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