The Vapiir Prima Is on Sale At Ali Bongo!

Yo guys, check this out! The Prima vaporiser is on sale! Grab one while you can, these machines are a super cool vape that are unique in more ways than one.


First off if looks like something out of star-trek…..YUP…scale this beauty up a few hundred thousand times and it could probably comfortably accommodate a crew of 40 scientists, 20 cabin crew, a dude with pointy ears and a cyborg that’s probably evil.  You’ve probably never seen a landscaped vape, but this beauty is feels great in the hand, like a pipe simulator! With a super sleek design and positively oooozing with quality, it’s super easy to clean. It boasts a metal tube connecting the oven to the mouthpiece- which you can remove so easily it’s unreal!!


This dynamic device delivers a crisp, clean, and flavourful vapour stream from both fresh herbs and botanical extracts, ensuring your taste buds are spanked then cuddled in waves… good does that sound?

You can also get spare parts like batteries and meshes and caps! Don’t say we don’t look after you!

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