Tasty and Exotic New Refreshments

Tasty and Exotic New Refreshments

Here at Ali Bongo we’ve been watching and listening to what the people want, we’ve been lurking in the shadows, observing, plotting, like a honey badger waiting for the perfect time to f*** shit up, because, like the Honey Badger, we simply do not care for half-measures, we go straight in for the  taste buds and ask questions later.


All of the choc.

All of the choc. All of it.

So, if you’ve been to ‘Dam, you know exactly what’s going down here. Chocomel is the most popular chocolate milk in Holland, it can be enjoyed hot or cold, with or without a extra-long jazz handed conical Bob Marley edgy hip ciggarette (but we would recommend cold and with the extra-long jazz handed conical Bob Marley edgy hip ciggarette). Many places online rack their prices up for Chocomel, we’ve seen these 250ml cans of chocolatey goodness selling for £7.99 a pop – madness, that is simply not us, you can grab these stoner favourites right here for just £1.99 each.


Fanta Berry


Fanta; another favourite amongst the pot fanatics, is now available in 3 exotic flavours. We were so excited to see these flavours come in, each one is bright, bubbly, instantly refreshing, thirst quenching and packed to brim with flavour. We all know the Fanta classics, obviously Fanta Orange and Fanta Fruit Twist are well known and enjoyed by millions in the UK but have you ever wondered about Fanta Grape, Blackberry or Berry? Stop wondering and start tasting, grab these exciting new flavours here for just £1.99 each.




Alot of people may not have tried Looza, it’s a very popular drink in the Netherlands and it’s easy to see why it’s so loved; the smooth velvet like texture and sweet refreshing taste is a serious treat for the taste buds and it’s available in 3 flavours – Strawberry Delight, Pear and Peach. Each one  comes in a cool glass bottle and contains 200ml of velvety awesomeness; give it a go, you’ll love it!


*Heavy breathing*



All you yogurt drink lovers, you need to try this because it’ll be your new favourite go to drink! Fristi, another drink popular in the Netherlands is a beautifully smooth mixed berry yogurt; pure good vibes for your T-buds. Only £1.99 a can, we seriously can’t recommend these enough; epicness.

*heavenly sounds*

*heavenly sounds*

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